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  1. name game
    How to Remember Every Major Game of Thrones CharacterPeople have weird names on Game of Thrones. Here are easy tricks and mnemonics to remember them.
  2. name game
    Here’s How J.J. Abrams Picked Some of the New Star Wars Character NamesAs well as what the names mean. BB-8’s is kind of like an onomatopoeia, he says. Kind of.
  3. name game
    Hunger Games Mnemonics for Those Who Can’t Remember the Character NamesTell Peeta from Plutarch from Primrose.
  4. name game
    Our Handy Game of Thrones Weird-Name MnemonicsDistinguish Bran from Bronn from Brienne.
  5. name game
    300 Prequel Won’t Be Called 299It seemed so obvious. 
  6. name game
    Taylor Swift Knows the Names of Many Famous PeopleKarlie Kloss! Kris Kristofferson! A family of otters.
  7. name game
    CBS Comes to Senses, New Sitcom ¡Rob! Now Just RobPraise the punctuation gods.
  8. name game
    The Damon Albarn–Flea Album Has a TitleIt involves rockets.
  9. the name game
    Live Nation Gives Irving Plaza Its Old Name BackTelling people you’re going to a show at Irving Plaza just got a little bit easier.
  10. the name game
    And Liam Gallagher’s New Band Is Called …Beady Eye.
  11. name game
    Cougar Town Should Totally Be Called FriendsSince that’s what it’s about.
  12. name game
    And the Title of M.I.A.’s New Album Is …’/\/\/\Y/.’
  13. name game
    ‘The Situation’ Very Close to Being Known As Mikey ArmsOr Mikey Abs.