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Name Of The Year

  1. extremely online
    Mathdaniel Squirrel Is the 2020 Name of the YearSorry to the #DingleDudes, but Mathdaniel is everyone’s champion.
  2. name of the year
    Who Will Win the 2020 Name of the Year?It’s Mathdaniel Squirrel vs. Courvoisier Dingle.
  3. extremely online
    Beanbag Amerika Really Wants to Win the Name of the Year“The short version that I tell people when they invariably ask, ‘Where did your name come from?’ is that my parents were hippies.”
  4. La’Peaches Pitts or Joe Shortsleeve: Who Has 2011’s Name of the Year?As a child, I hated my last name because it rhymed with “burp.” But I had it easy compared to Taco B.M. Monster and Yolanda Supersad, just two […]