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  1. please make it stop
    Nancy Grace’s New Website Has Reached Real-Deal Nightcrawler StatusHer website will “be the go-to for crime sleuths and people who want knowledge about crime and crime fighting.”
  2. the industry
    Nancy Grace Is Leaving HLN to Scold Viewers Somewhere ElseShe was the cable-news channel’s most popular personality.
  3. ‘SNL’ Review: Drake Gives 2014 a Fresh StartSeason 39 has not exactly been kind to SNL. As we explained in our midseason review, the show seems to have surrendered to its “transition […]
  4. Jennie Garth Set to Play Faux Nancy GraceIn a Lifetime movie based on Grace’s novel.
  5. clickables
    Here Are Those Nancy Grace Dancing GIFs You Asked ForShe’s having a party and nobody’s invited.
  6. nancy grace
    Nancy Grace Is Leaving Swift JusticeJustice is only swift when it remains in Atlanta.