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Narcos Season 3

  1. Narcos Star Matias Varela on Season 3 and the Real Jorge Salcedo“Nobody pointed a gun to his head and said you have to come work for us.”
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    Narcos Season Finale Recap: Adiós, SalcedoIn the end, this season delivered a lot of what makes Narcos fun.
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    Narcos Recap: Don’t Open That FridgeHow does any of this make sense?
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    Narcos Recap: Jungle WorkThe boys are back in morally corrosive alliances!
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    Narcos Recap: This Is How We Do ItNarcos finally goes all-in on chaos.
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    Narcos Recap: Blue CuracaoMaybe Narcos really doesn’t need Pablo after all.
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    Narcos Recap: David the GoliathWill Miguel’s sadistic son become a problem for Cali Cartel?
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    Narcos Recap: Keep on Chicken Truckin’It’s time to talk about the Narcos switcheroo.
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    Narcos Recap: Tunnel SnakesJavier Peña has a new blonde DEA buddy!
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    Narcos Season-Premiere Recap: Meet the New BossesWith Pablo Escobar dead, Cali Cartel moves in to run the Colombian drug trade.
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    Narcos Season 3 Trailer: The Cali Cartel Is Taking OverThere’s a new cartel in town.