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  1. books
    Nas Is Working on a MemoirIt’s scheduled to come out in 2012.
  2. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Death Cab to Death From Above 1979Plus: Donald Glover as Childish Gambino, the Rapture, Nas, and more death!
  3. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Britney Spears to ColdplayPlus: other bands!
  4. right-click
    Fans, Boyfriends, and Nastiness: New Music From Kanye, Nas, and Lil WayneHear the new tracks.
  5. movements
    The Internet’s Latest Demand: Free Nas’s Lost Tapes 2!“We do not like to go into speculation and rumors, but it seems as though you do not want to release Lost Tapes 2 because you don’t want it to count as an official album … “
  6. beef
    Did Nas Write an Irate E-mail to His Record-Label Overlords?“With all do [sic] respect to you all, Nas is NOBODY’s slave. This is not the 1800’s, respect me and I will respect you.”
  7. potus
    Lil Wayne, Nas Get Coveted Obama Co-Sign“My rap palate has greatly improved.”
  8. music
    Download a Free New Nas Song, ‘Hey Young World’Nas updates the classic Slick Rick track for a new Levi’s campaign.
  9. music
    Download a New Nas and Damian Marley Track, ‘Friends’Their album should be terrific.
  10. music
    Download a New Nas and Damian Marley MP3, ‘The Promise Land’Another enjoyably chilled-out reggae-rap mash-up.
  11. music
    Nas Remixes Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘New York Is Killing Me’ (Free MP3)Nas adds some spice to a track off Scott-Heron’s recent album.
  12. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Stephen Dorff, Kaley CuocoPlus: Two new writers come aboard ‘Baywatch.’
  13. music
    Listen & Download: New Nas and Damian Marley Song
  14. beef
    Relive a Decade’s Worth of Feuds Between Bill O’Reilly and the Hip-Hop CommunityHere’s to another decade more!
  15. money
    Nas Is Broke?That’s the word out of his divorce hearings.
  16. right-click
    Beastie Boys and Nas Demand Some RespectWe might just be reading too much into this.
  17. chat room
    Free-Jazz Legend Olu Dara on His Son, Nas’In those days, if you just had a horn, and hung around the music scene, you could get on a record and become famous!’
  18. quote machine
    Eminem Thanks Lil Wayne and T.I. for Saving Hip-hop in His AbsencePlus: What’s on Zac Efron’s iPod these days, anyway?
  19. the industry
    Adam Sandler Is Building an ArmyPlus: Snoop does late night.
  20. vulture lists
    10 Best Hip-hop Mix Tapes of 2008Our second-annual list of the best in black-market rap, all free for download!
  21. right-click
    Ludacris, Jay-Z, and Nas Claim, Effectively Enough, That They’re Not in It for the MoneyYou can be forgiven for thinking that it’s stubborn Nas, if anyone, who can most convincingly claim “I Do It for Hip Hop.”
  22. right-click
    Nas Is Ready to Make a ProjectionPlus: Scott Weiland does Bowie!
  23. last night's gig
    Pharrell and Nas Demonstrate Different Uses of the F-Word at Party GigIn lieu of the debate, we caught up with our politics at the Smirnoff Experience New York party, with sets from N.E.R.D. and Nas.
  24. right-click
    Young Jeezy and Nas Give Long-Awaited Presidential EndorsementPlus: New TV on the Radio!
  25. last night's gig
    New York Legends Crowd Rock the BellsBiz Markie, Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface, Method Man, the ghost of ODB, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest…
  26. quote machine
    Doris Lessing Tells Harold Bloom Where to Stick ItPlus: Nas on poppin’ bottles, and Seth Rogen on the Green Hornet’s ketamine habit.
  27. quote machine
    Nas Embraces the LeakPlus: Shamefully, ‘Meet Dave’ director Brian Robbins has never seen ‘Small Wonder.’
  28. right-click
    Nas Doesn’t Need BeatsPlus: At long last, new music from Huey Lewis and the News.
  29. quote machine
    Seth Rogen’s ‘Green Hornet’ Movie Sounds a Little BoringPlus: Liz Phair feels Angelina Jolie–y, and Nas is no sellout.
  30. right-click
    The Wrens Rock for Your Internet RightsPlus: New MP3s from Nas and Thom Yorke’s brother!
  31. right-click
    Beck Is Just Terrible at SurprisesPlus: New music from Weezer and Nas!
  32. right-click
    Nas Probably Not Voting for McCainPlus: New music from Phoenix!
  33. cover story
    Nas Steadfastly Determined to Please Record CompanyNas’s ongoing efforts to make his upcoming untitled ninth album the most commercial, easily marketable one of his career continue.
  34. cover story
    Lil Wayne Replaces Baby Nas and Baby Biggie as Hip-Hop’s Most Adorable InfantWho would’ve ever guessed that the man who wrote some of the dirtiest rhymes we’ve ever heard was so adorable as a baby?
  35. last night's gig
    Jay-Z, Nas, and LeBron James Walk Into the Apollo …Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.
  36. right-click
    Willie Nelson Gets DylanesquePlus more Jay-Z!
  37. the industry
    Michael Bay Is the Alfred Hitchcock Our Era DeservesAlso: Nas responds to Def Jam in a totally reasonable manner!
  38. the early-evening news
    Stephen Colbert Announces His Candidacy for President of Our HeartsPlus news about Nas, Sam Raimi, and the Man Booker Prize.
  39. the early-evening news
    Sylvester Stallone Actually Somewhat Intelligible on the TelephonePlus: News about Nas and Radiohead!
  40. last night's gig
    Nas Entertains Hometown Crowd by Insulting His BossDid you know Nas has a new album coming? We had no idea!
  41. right-click
    Lupe Fiasco Triumphs Over Lame Beats!Great new songs from Twista and Christina Milian. Plus a bad one by Kenna!
  42. the take
    Jay-Z and Nas Battle It Out in PrintWe know that Jay-Z and Nas can both write rhymes, but how do they do writing prose? Results are mixed.
  43. quote machine
    Beyoncé Just Doesn’t Know Who She Is Anymore