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  1. casting
    Taron Egerton and Every Other British Actor Will Lend Voices to The Dark CrystalName a British person. They’re in this.
  2. the industry
    Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer Defending Her New Film From ‘Sadistic’ Criticism“There has to be sexuality in the power play of a thriller.”
  3. tv review
    Picnic at Hanging Rock Is a Decadent Feast for the SensesIt’s the sapphic, David Lynch-influenced mystery-thriller that you didn’t know you needed.
  4. casting couch
    Natalie Dormer Joins Professor and the MadmanShe joins Mel Gibson and Sean Penn.
  5. sexy spies
    Harrison Ford and Natalie Dormer Join Spy MovieAlso Paul Bettany and Martin Freeman.
  6. Natalie Dormer on The Forest, Thrones Season 6“It’s so liberating to look rough, disheveled, and broken, to be free from looking good.”
  7. last night on late night
    Natalie Dormer Discusses Jon Snow’s Fate on GOTShe only reads her own scenes.
  8. tv
    Natalie Dormer: Ser Pounce Was ‘Very Difficult to Work With’We’ve heard of backstage catfights, but this is ridiculous.
  9. madonna
    Tudors Star to Play a ‘Savage’ Queen Elizabeth in the Madonna-Directed W.E.If she doesn’t drop out of the project, like Vera Farmiga.
  10. the industry
    Nicolas Cage Is ‘Ghost Rider’ ‘Ghost’ WriterPlus: Tricia Helfer gets a new series, and Chris Carter’s already working on a new movie.
  11. countdown
    Meet the Tudors!How similar are the actors on Showtime’s series to the actual historical figures they play? Well, not so much.