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  1. vulture festival 2020
    How Nathan for You Influenced How to With John WilsonDocumentary comedy is not as easy as it looks.
  2. deleted scenes
    This Nathan for You Deleted Scene Won’t Bring the Show Back But It’s Still FunnyNathan and Bill take in a little football.
  3. vulture lists
    Revisiting Nathan for You’s Best and Worst Business IdeasFrom Valley’s Pizza Land to a surprisingly heartwarming gas-station scheme.
  4. endings
    Comedy Central Confirms Nathan for You Will Not Return for Another SeasonFielder made the decision to end the show after four seasons.
  5. rip
    Nathan for You Regular Judge Anthony Filosa Dies at 78“I’ll never know the law right again.”
  6. the streaming wars
    In This Sick Sad World, at Least Daria Is Coming to HuluIt’s what we need.
  7. hacking
    Nathan Fielder Demonstrates How Someone, Not Him, Could Hack Emmys Voting System “What I uncovered is shocking to say the least, and really shocking to say the most.”
  8. podcast review
    If Nathan for You Were a Podcast, It’d Sound a Lot Like Personal BestIt’s a self-improvement show for people who don’t like self-improvement.
  9. Here’s a Sneak Peek of Tomorrow’s Two-Hour ‘Nathan for You’ Finale […]Here’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that season 4 of Nathan for You wraps up tomorrow night on Comedy Central. The good […]
  10. Nathan Fielder Tells His Perfect Talk Show Anecdote Again on ‘Late Night’ […]Last month, Nathan Fielder appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and told a story involving an out-of-town wedding that turned out to be a carefully […]
  11. Last Night’s ‘Nathan for You’ Revealed the Truth Behind Fielder’s Recent […]Last month, Nathan Fielder appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new season of Nathan for You, and he told Kimmel a pretty bizarre story […]
  12. Watch Nathan Fielder Reunite with Old Friends in ‘Nathan for You: A […]Last night Comedy Central aired Nathan Fielder’s Nathan for You: A Celebration special, and in case you missed it, the network released the […]
  13. Nathan Fielder Catches Up with the Ghost Realtor in This ‘Nathan for You: […]Tomorrow, Comedy Central will air an hourlong Nathan for You special called Nathan for You: A Celebration, where Fielder will reunite with some […]
  14. See Nathan Fielder Smuggle Chili in the Season-4 Trailer of Nathan for YouAlso, see L.A.’s only advertised fully asexual computer-repair shop.
  15. Nathan Fielder Attempts to Destroy Uber in the Season 4 ‘Nathan for You’ […]After a very long wait, Nathan Fielder’s series Nathan for You returns next month for its fourth season, and today Comedy Central released the […]
  16. Rejoice, Because ‘Nathan for You’ Returns to Comedy Central in SeptemberLife has been tough for Nathan for You fans these past couple years. It was way back in December 2015 when the season 3 finale “The Hero” aired […]
  17. Nathan Fielder Is Sending Sean Spicer His Very Own Summit Ice Jacket2017 is turning out to be a disturbingly great year for Nathan Fielder’s Holocaust awareness-focused jacket line, Summit Ice. Last month, […]
  18. Check Out Some Photos from Nathan Fielder’s Pop-Up Summit Ice Store Yesterday, Nathan Fielder opened up the first-ever Summit Ice pop-up store in Vancouver, and based on the accounts of fans and reporters who […]
  19. Nathan Fielder Is Opening a Pop-Up Summit Ice Store in Vancouver This […]While we’re still waiting to hear about the return of Nathan Fielder’s fantastic Comedy Central series Nathan for You, one running bit from […]
  20. The Prescience of Nathan Fielder’s Summit Ice Nathan Fielder made a quiet return to social media last weekend, playing an overly holistic pharmacist in a short Instagram video and […]
  21. Is Elon Musk Shooting Nathan Fielder Into Space for ‘Nathan for You’ Next […]It’s been nearly three months since Nathan for You aired its fantastic season 3 finale and earned a season 4 renewal, and now all we can do is […]
  22. Here’s All the Training That Went into Last Night’s Fantastic ‘Nathan for […]The season 3 finale of Nathan for You aired last night, and to say the very least, it was a fantastic way to end the season. Comedy Central […]
  23. How ‘Nathan for You’ Brought Charlie Kaufman’s Sensibility (Back) to […]From Review to BoJack Horseman to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, this has been an impressive year for adventurous, boundary-pushing television […]
  24. Comedy Central Renews ‘Nathan for You’ for a Fourth SeasonExcellent news, Nathan for You fans: Comedy Central announced today that it’s officially renewed Nathan Fielder’s show for a fourth season […]
  25. renewals
    Comedy Central Has More Nathan for You for You“I couldn’t be more excited to continue my non-sexual relationship with Viacom.”
  26. Know You Are Loved with This ‘Nathan for You’ ‘I Love You’ LoopThe holiday season can be a stressful, emotional, downright depressing time, but thanks to this extra special clip from Nathan for You, there’s […]
  27. The Heart and Humanity That Makes ‘Nathan for You’ So GoodI was late discovering the brilliance of Nathan For You because I was concerned it was a mean show, in the way that prank shows are often mean: […]
  28. ‘Nathan For You’s Ridiculous Products Are Becoming Actual Successful ThingsSo far, this season of Nathan Fielder’s beloved Comedy Central series Nathan for You hasn’t had a hugely viral marketing stunt on the level of […]
  29. Nathan Fielder Introduces His New Jacket Company Summit Ice on ‘Conan’Here’s a clip from Nathan Fielder’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he explains that he had to stop wearing his favorite windbreaker after […]
  30. Read an Adorable Interview with Nathan Fielder and a Mom Who Doesn’t ‘Get’ […]Ahead of tonight’s season 3 Nathan for You premiere, A.V. Club writer John Teti had an interview scheduled with Nathan Fielder. Prior to the […]
  31. Anything Can Happen with Nathan FielderThe creator and star of the namesake Nathan For You has found a format that works in spite of the challenges it may bring: take real people and […]
  32. last night on late night
    Nathan for You Isn’t Parodying Blacklist (It Is)Nothing to see here.
  33. Nathan Fielder Talks ‘Nathan for You’s New Ad Campaign on ‘Jimmy Kimmel […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring special guest Nathan Fielder, who insists that the new ad campaign for his Comedy […]
  34. ‘Nathan for You’s New Billboards Are PerfectNathan for You’s new season starts next Thursday, so the promotional machine is in full swing. And naturally, Nathan Fielder isn’t just putting […]
  35. trailer mix
    Nathan for You Season 3 Trailer Asks: Is He Insane, or a Business Genius?Who doesn’t want to sue Best Buy while on a first date?
  36. The Season 3 ‘Nathan for You’ Trailer Has Soundproof Sex Boxes, Horsey […]Season 3 of Nathan for You premieres on Comedy Central in just a few weeks, and today the network dropped the first full trailer. It looks like […]
  37. Watch the First Teaser for Season 3 of Nathan Fielder’s ‘Nathan for You’At long last, Nathan Fielder’s Nathan for You returns for a third season next month, and Comedy Central dropped the first – and from the looks […]
  38. Season 3 of ‘Nathan for You’ Premieres on October 15thGet ready for the third season of Nathan for You, because it’s headed to Comedy Central this October. Nathan Fielder announced the season 3 […]
  39. Nathan Fielder Makes a Riveting Commercial for the Toy Ball Doink-ItNathan for You’s second season finale aired last night, and the above commercial is the end product of Fielder’s mission to rebrand one toy […]
  40. Nathan Fielder Wants More Women to Give Birth in Taxis in Tonight’s […]Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of Nathan for You, which follows Fielder as he attempts to help a struggling taxi service owner […]
  41. Bill Gates Explains the Difference Between DOS and XP in This ‘Nathan for […]Nathan for You’s favorite Bill Gates impersonator made an appearance during last night’s episode, and Comedy Central just posted the above […]
  42. Nathan Fielder Tries to Improve a Dating Website in This ‘Nathan for You’ […]Here’s a clip from tonight’s new episode of Nathan for You in which Fielder is tasked with helping a dating website attract more women. It […]
  43. Nathan Fielder Describes ‘Nathan for You’ as ‘A Social Experiment’“I can understand why people would call it that, but I don’t really see the stuff I do that way. Pranks are more hidden camera. Our show uses […]
  44. How ‘Nathan for You’ Brilliantly Blows Up Reality TVPopularized by The Office in the early 2000s, the “mockumentary” format has become the common TV style choice to tell loose, location-based, […]
  45. ‘Nathan for You’s Dumb Starbucks Episode Is Finally Here, and He’s Selling […]Nathan for You’s Dumb Starbucks episode aired last night, but before opening up the store Fielder had to prove – for legal reasons – that he […]
  46. Inside ‘Nathan For You’ with Co-Creator Michael KomanMichael Koman is the co-creator of two of the best comedies on TV – Nathan For You and Eagleheart – and he’s about to add a third to his […]
  47. Comedy Central Renews ‘Nathan for You’ and ‘Drunk History’Comedy Central has just announced that they’ve renewed both Nathan for You and Drunk History for third seasons. These renewals come on the […]
  48. Nathan Fielder Describes a Cut ‘Nathan for You’ Bit Involving Reiki and […]“[Reiki]’s like a massage, but you don’t touch the person … It’s strange. My idea was after the person would remove the energy from people, […]
  49. Preview Next Week’s Dumb Starbucks Episode of ‘Nathan for You’After much anticipation, Nathan Fielder’s epic Dumb Starbucks prank from earlier this year will finally be featured in next week’s Nathan for […]
  50. Watch Nathan Fielder Attempt to Be a Hip TV HostHere’s a clip from last night’s Nathan for You that’s pretty fantastic if you like the idea of Fielder hiring a focus group to turn him into a […]
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