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National Book Critics Circle

  1. book drama
    Carlin Romano Keeps His Seat on the National Book Critics Circle BoardTwo-thirds were needed to remove Romano, but in the end, just 62 percent, or 104 members, voted for his removal.
  2. backstories
    The National Book Critics Circle Has ImplodedMore than half of the board has resigned in a series of events one member described as “bizarre and bloody in an end-of-a-Tarantino-movie way.”
  3. national book critics circle
    National Book Critics Circle Winners Include New York’s Christopher BonanosAlso receiving awards were Zadie Smith, Anna Burns, and Maureen Corrigan.
  4. kudos
    Congratulations to ‘New York’ Book Critic Sam Anderson!New York’s book critic is the winner of the Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing from the NBCC.
  5. the take
    Rick Moody Hates the Players, Not the Game