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  1. sexual misconduct
    National Geographic Has Cleared Neil deGrasse Tyson After InvestigationThe network will continue to air Star Talk and Cosmos.
  2. chat room
    Bradley Whitford on Valley of the Boom, Handmaid’s Tale, and West Wing Rumors“You know, we can’t all be working in the White House. That doesn’t make any sense.”
  3. nature documentaries
    Listen to Angela Bassett Narrate a Leopard Attack With Great IntensityNat Geo’s The Flood has so much drama.
  4. tv
    Hidden Figures Is Coming to TelevisionHow many John Glenns can we send into space? Let’s find out.
  5. he'll never let go
    James Cameron Will Address Titanic ‘Factual Choices’ in New SpecialWill he admit Kate and Leo could have both fit on that plank? Don’t hold your breath.
  6. animals
    Animals Around the World Are Having a Dance Party in the Trailer for Earth LiveJane Lynch and Phil Keoghan co-host.
  7. lawuits
    Reality Star Claims Show Put Her in Life-Threatening Danger for Better FootageSusan Aikens claims the show’s production team repeatedly forced her into dangerous situations, including a staged snow-machine stunt.
  8. trailer mix
    Watch Geoffery Rush As Albert Einstein in the Genius TrailerHe has some Sherlock-level violin skills.
  9. miniseries
    National Geographic Is Developing a How to Survive a Plague MiniseriesFinally.
  10. photos
    See Geoffrey Rush As Albert EinsteinFor Nat Geo’s Genius.
  11. roll clip!
    People Are Going Nuts Over This National Geographic Soap Opera About PenguinsMore like National Geographic. Damn!
  12. National Geographic to Air a Nat Turner Documentary Produced by Nate ParkerRise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner will air this Friday.
  13. casting couch
    Geoffrey Rush Will Play Einstein for the National Geographic ChannelMore like E equals Emmy squared.
  14. james cameron
    Watch James Cameron Visit Earth’s Deepest Spot at the Bottom of the SeaJust let the guy do whatever he wants, okay?
  15. clickables
    Meet Stanley, a Self-Proclaimed ‘Adult Baby’“Being an adult baby, I’ve had a couple reactions, some good, some not so good.”
  16. clickables
    Watch 7 Billion, a Startling National Geographic ShortWhoa, L.A. is really big.
  17. tv
    Watch the Promo for National Geographic’s Massive Sizing Up Sperm SpecialLook who’s talking about sperm!
  18. tv
    Vampire Fever Infects National Geographic: See the Teaser for Explorer: Vampire Forensics“Could this 500-year-old skull belong to an ancient flesh-eating corpse?”
  19. cable
    Unwatched Network to Be Replaced by Future Unwatched NetworkNat Geo Wild will replace Fox Reality in the spring.