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  1. lawsuits
    Timeless Creators Sued for Stealing Show FormatBet they wish they had a time machine to fix this situation.
  2. deals
    Mr. Zucker Goes to WashingtonNBC CEO to kick it with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s anti-trust panel.
  3. beefs
    Public-Interest Groups Complain to the Government About Comcast/NBCU MergerIt stinks, they say.
  4. honchos
    Jeff Zucker Signs a New Contract With NBCUJay Leno is thrilled.
  5. Comcast Might Change NBCU’s Name, MaybeIt’s easier than firing Zucker, we guess.
  6. honchos
    Zucker Will Remain Head of New NBCSeems like a sound business decision!
  7. money
    NBCU Worth $30 Billion to ComcastGE and Comcast have agreed that a joint venture between NBC Universal and Comcast would be worth $30 billion.