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  1. sexpositions
    Kevin Smith on How He Avoided an NC-17 Sex SceneWhen one thrust is a thrust too many. 
  2. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Aimed for an NC-17 with ‘This Is the End’Seth Rogen and longtime writing partner Evan Goldberg are making their directorial debut with the apocalyptic comedy This Is the End, which […]
  3. movies
    NC-17 Queen Gina Gershon on Killer JoeThe camp icon makes her triumphant return.
  4. killer joe
    Matthew McConaughey’s Killer Joe Gets NC-17 RatingIt featured one of the most disturbing scenes of the Toronto Film Festival.
  5. r rated
    Weinstein Co. Officially Appealing Blue Valentine’s NC-17 RatingHarvey Weinstein makes a statement.
  6. trailer mix
    Blue Valentine Trailer: The Sweetest Lil’ NC-17 Movie You Ever Did SeeRyan Gosling and Michelle Williams in, and out, of love.
  7. the take
    Will ‘Lust, Caution’ Save the NC-17 Rating By Not Being So Darn Gay?A man and a woman, no matter how violent, are more marketable than two men.