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  1. comedy review
    In Lobby Baby, Seth Meyers Transforms Into His Truest Self: Consummate Wife GuyVisually and narratively, the Netflix special makes the late-night host a sidekick in his own life.
  2. scene report
    Neal Brennan Gave the Best Speech at Dave Chappelle’s Mark Twain Prize Ceremony“Writing and directing Dave sometimes was as simple as me standing onstage with my jaw hanging open, going, ‘Uh, cut?’”
  3. Neal Brennan Reflects on Some of His Lesser-Known ProjectsBzzz! was so bad that I wouldn’t tell my friends what it was.”
  4. sketch comedy
    R. Kelly ‘Wanted to Fight’ Dave Chappelle Over ‘Piss on You’ SketchChappelle and Neal Brennan both recalled the time R. Kelly’s “goons” threatened Chappelle over the sketch in Chicago.
  5. movies
    Jimmy O. Yang to Play an Aspiring Stand-up Comedian in The Opening ActBill Burr, Roy Wood Jr., and Neal Brennan will also appear in the movie.
  6. underrated
    Neal Brennan on the Genius of Katt Williams’s Great America Opener“It’s like comedic malpractice. It shouldn’t work. But yet at the end of that 12-minute opener, I feel good. I’m in the palm of his hand.”
  7. Neal Brennan Is Developing a Weekly Late Night Series at Fox Neal Brennan might get his very own late night show. According to Variety, Fox has ordered a pilot presentation for a weekly late night […]
  8. Comedy Central Orders Shows and Pilots from Reggie Watts, Noël Wells, Neal […]Comedy Central just announced a pile of new shows and pilots. The network revealed its 2017-2018 development slate today, which includes a game […]
  9. Neal Brennan Explains the GOP’s Trump Hypocrisy: ‘He’s Everything You Said […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah welcomes Neal Brennan for some commentary at the desk to break down the hypocrisy […]
  10. chat room
    Neal Brennan Explains How He Pitches Black Comedians Jokes With the N-WordThe comedian takes us inside his process in this transcript of Vulture’s comedy podcast, Good One.
  11. good one podcast
    Neal Brennan on Writing With Dave Chappelle on Half Baked, Chappelle’s Show, SNLFrom the new episode of Vulture’s Good One: A Podcast About Jokes.
  12. Neal Brennan Explains Why Trump Is the ‘Biggest Snowflake in America’ on […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah chats with Neal Brennan about why he thinks Donald Trump is “the biggest […]
  13. rick james
    SNL Had a Rick James Sketch Prepared for Dave Chappelle If Trump LostWritten about a hypothetical Hillary Clinton win.
  14. Neal Brennan on Bringing His Live Solo Show ‘3 Mics’ to NetflixIf you didn’t get a chance to see Neal Brennan’s live solo show 3 Mics last year, thanks to Netflix there’s now a way to find out what you […]
  15. Watch the Trailer for Neal Brennan’s Netflix Special ‘3 Mics’If you missed Neal Brennan’s live solo show 3 Mics last year, thankfully Netflix has you covered. The streaming network just released a trailer […]
  16. Whitney Cummings to Make Her Directorial Debut with ‘The Female Brain’Standup Whitney Cummings is set to make her feature directorial debut. According to Deadline, Cummings has signed on direct and star in a […]
  17. comics talk to comics
    John Mulaney Talks to Neal Brennan About His New Show, O.J., and More“At the opening, Chappelle and Rock were sitting next to each other.” 
  18. Neal Brennan Explains Why Kim and Kanye Haters Need to Reexamine […]Between Kanye West’s multiple Twitter rants and Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie last week, the famous couple has been making headlines again and […]
  19. ‘Neal Brennan 3 Mics’ Combines the Depth of a Podcast with the Craft of […] Over the past few years I’ve noticed that I somehow enjoy listening to a comedian talk on a podcast even more than I like listening to their […]
  20. Neal Brennan Tests Out Some One-Liners from His Show ‘3 Mics’ on ‘Late […]To promote his upcoming solo show in New York 3 Mics, Neal Brennan stopped by last night’s Late Night and shared some one-liners he uses in the […]
  21. On Chappelle’s Show Black White-Supremacist Skit“It didn’t feel any more button-pushing than anything else we were doing. The next episode we had a white woman singing black thoughts.”
  22. Neal Brennan’s Live Solo Show ‘3 Mics’ Debuts in New York on March 3rdStandup, writer, and Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan is headed to New York for a live show produced by John Legend. According to The […]
  23. Lonely Island Is Developing Fox Comedies Starring Danny Pudi, Neal […]Back in January, SNL alums Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone signed a deal with Fox to develop new shows, and today Deadline […]
  24. John Mulaney Looks Back on Meeting the Obamas with Neal BrennanOn a recent episode of Tom Green Live, John Mulaney told the story of how he got to meet the Obamas when he helped write for Seth Meyers’s […]
  25. the approval matrix
    Approval Matrix: Buress on Paying for DatesDepends who’s asking.
  26. the approval matrix
    Is Tinder Lowbrow Despicable or Brilliant?The debate continues.
  27. Eugene Mirman Makes the Coolest Malt Liquor Ad Ever on ‘The Approval […] brightcove.createExperiences(); Here’s a sneak peek at Monday night’s episode of SundanceTV’s The Approval […]
  28. videos
    See Amy Poehler on The Appproval MatrixBoo-hoo, guys. Boo-hoo.
  29. videos
    Watch Porn Star Bailey Jay Talk Stereotypes on The Approval MatrixLowbrow brilliant.
  30. videos
    Watch Chris Rock on The Approval MatrixHe’ll be on next Monday’s episode — on Sundance at 11 p.m.
  31. timeline
    Neal Brennan’s 10 Defining Moments in ComedySingled Out, All That, Chappelle’s Show, and more.
  32. From Behind the Scenes to In Front of the Camera with Neal BrennanWith his new gig hosting The Approval Matrix on Sundance TV, Neal Brennan has completed his reverse transformation from behind-the-scenes […]
  33. exclusive
    Approval Matrix: What’s Your Fave TV Episode?Punky Brewster, anyone?
  34. Neal Brennan Shares an Update from Tracy Morgan on ‘Late Night’Back in early June, former SNL and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was a victim of a car crash in New Jersey, and on last night’s Late Night, Neal […]
  35. news
    Approval Matrix TV Show Will Premiere August 11Hosted by comedian Neal Brennan.
  36. documentary
    Video: Dave Chappelle: In His Own WordsA two-hour documentary about the rise and fall of Chappelle’s Show.
  37. Neal Brennan Is Hosting a Game Show Based on ‘NY Mag’s Approval Matrix for […]New York magazine’s “Approval Matrix” is getting its very own TV show. Chappelle’s Show show co-creator Neal Brennan has been hired to host a […]
  38. news
    New York’s Approval Matrix Will Be a TV ShowThis news is highbrow, lowbrow, and brilliant.
  39. the vulture transcript
    Seth Meyers Talks to Chappelle’s Neal Brennan“[Dave Chappelle] texted me last night something I don’t understand … he said one of his favorite parts of The Wire was …”
  40. vulture reads
    Long Reads: Oldham, North Carolina Comedy, LynchAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  41. Talking to Neal Brennan About ‘Chappelle’s Show’, Standup, Podcasts and […]Much in the way that Bill Clinton was considered our first black president, Neal Brennan might be our first black podcast host. As co-host of […]
  42. New Crop of Comedy Central Half-Hours Premiering this Friday Comedy Central Goodbye Comedy Central Presents – hello The Half Hour. Ostensibly, they’re the same thing but The Half Hour sounds cooler. […]
  43. Neal Brennan Empirically Proves that Humanity Is All Jerks Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan swung by Late Night the other day to determine once and for all which is the meaner gender. Spoiler: […]
  44. tv
    Chappelle’s Show Co-creator Neal Brennan: ‘My Experience Wasn’t Dave’s’“I didn’t sell Dave out.”
  45. clickables
    Hear Neal Brennan’s Recap of Talking Chappelle’s Show With the ObamasFrom the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.