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Neil Diamond

  1. awards
    Jay-Z and Cyndi Lauper’s Aural Treasures Are Receiving One of Music’s Top HonorsAs is Neil Diamond!
  2. vulture lists
    Why Are Elton John, Paul Simon, and Other Musicians Retiring From Touring?See these artists while you still can.
  3. music
    Neil Diamond Retires From Touring After Being Diagnosed With Parkinson’s DiseaseThe singer has cancelled the upcoming leg of his 50th Anniversary Tour.
  4. last night on late night
    Neil Diamond and James Corden Duet on ‘Sweet Christmastime’ (Ba! Ba! Baaa!)About office holiday parties and the many HR regulations they break.
  5. last night on late night
    Natalie Portman & J.J. Abrams Make a Great TeamIf only Abrams could have directed the Star Wars movies she was in.
  6. nuptials
    Neil Diamond Is Off the Market, LadiesHis three-decades-younger manager–true love snagged him.
  7. radio vulture
    Neil Diamond’s Songs For Monkees Fan Funerals; the Burdens of the ‘For Colored Girls’ SoundtrackTwo new albums weighed down by solemnity.
  8. music
    Man Plays ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ on a Handful of Cell Phones“Oh, I love my beep beep boop.”
  9. music
    Neil Diamond Sings ‘Sweet Caroline’ Live at FenwaySo good, so good, so good.
  10. christmas
    Neil Diamond Enters Christmas-Album Death MatchYep, he’s releasing one on October 13, too.
  11. quote machine
    Amy Poehler Will Stop at NothingDo not stand in the way of Amy Poehler’s Emmy hopes.
  12. countdown
    Neil Diamond May Destroy ‘American Idol’ TonightHow will the Idol hopefuls cope with yet another old-timey theme night?