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  1. reboots
    We’re Getting a Robocop Re-reboot From Neill BlomkampDead or alive, this movie is happening.
  2. development hell
    Neill Blomkamp Says Chances of His Alien Movie Getting Made Are ‘Slim’Alien 5 had the support of Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron.
  3. casting
    Matt Damon Joining District 9 Director’s New FilmHe’ll star in Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium.’
  4. the industry
    District 9 Director and Star Reteaming for ElysiumNeill Blomkamp is making a new sci-fi film with his apparent muse, Sharlto Copley.
  5. clickables
    See a Gross and Unexplained Short Film by Neill BlomkampEw.
  6. breaking
    Neill Blomkamp Will Not Direct The HobbitThe rumors are wrong.
  7. vulture picture palace
    See Neill Blomkamp’s Six-Minute Rough Draft of District 9’Alive in Joburg,’ made in 2005, details a future world in which aliens in Johannesburg are segregated in a way that recalls South Africa’s notorious apartheid regime.
  8. awesome
    After Seeing District 9, We Can’t Help But Wonder What Neill Blomkamp’s Halo Would’ve Been LikeEven better, how about ‘Bioshock’?
  9. trailer mix
    Brand-New District 9 Trailer Will Leave Sci-fi Fans Drooling With AnticipationIt’s basically the anti-’Transformers.’
  10. trailer mix
    Will District 9 Be the Next Cloverfield?No, you don’t need to stock up on Dramamine.
  11. the industry
    Forest Whitaker Getting In On the American Gangster BusinessPlus industry news on Natalie Portman, David Fincher, and Led Zeppelin.