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    Nelsan Ellis’s Family Shares His Cause of Death to Help People With AddictionsThe True Blood actor died of heart failure related to complications from alcohol withdrawal.
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    True Blood Family Mourns the Death of Nelsan Ellis: ‘I Am Heartbroken’“I am speechless … ”
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    Nelsan Ellis, Star of True Blood, Has Died at Age 39Ellis gave an indelible performance on the HBO drama as gay short-order cook Lafayette Reynolds.
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    Nelsan Ellis on Saying Good-bye to True Blood“I’m going to miss seven years of a family. That’s the thing I’m going to lose.”
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    Nelsan Ellis Gets Confused by True Blood Too“Last season was a bit schizophrenic, with like fifteen story lines.”
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    True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis to Play Martin Luther King Jr.In The Butler.
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    Nelsan Ellis Predicts The Help Will Win Best Picture, Best ActressOf course, he’s a little biased.
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    Nelsan Ellis on True Blood’s Season of the Witches, Lafayette’s Mohawk, and Dodging the Marines“No one told me that when you’re in the military, they own you. I quickly changed up that situation.”
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    Ask True Blood’s Lafayette AnythingWe’re interviewing Nelsan Ellis next week.
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    True Blood’s Lafayette Does Not Want to be Typecast“I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s a little closed-minded.’”
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    Diddy Reaffirms Position on Hatin’ Ass CrabsPlus: Age nothing but a number for Tom Cruise.