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Netflix The Crown

  1. The Stories Behind the Crowns of The CrownThe real stars of the show.
  2. close reads
    The Crown and How TV Changed Our View of LeadershipWhile Elizabeth works endlessly, tirelessly, to represent her country, Margaret is the one the press loves. 
  3. party chat
    Crown’s Queen Had a Secret Zipper on Her CostumeShe had a 4-month-old to nurse!
  4. tv review
    Netflix’s The Crown Is Tedious, But Anglophiles Will Like ItIt features a perfect assortment of character actors in historical roles. 
  5. history lessons
    See How the Actors on The Crown Compare to Their Real-Life CounterpartsGet your facts straight.
  6. and we'll never be royals
    Why Should I Care About Queen Elizabeth II, Star of Netflix’s The Crown?At first glance, she’s an odd monarch to put at the center of a potentially massive, hideously expensive, lavish historical TV show.