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  1. anime
    The Terminator Will Be Back As a Netflix Anime SeriesCome with him if you want to watch.
  2. now streaming
    What’s Leaving Netflix: March 2021The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Silver Linings Playbook, Taxi Driver, and more.
  3. now streaming
    The 40 Best Movies on Netflix You Probably Haven’t SeenOddball comedies, twisty thrillers, and other underseen gems.
  4. renewals
    Netflix’s Elite Gets a Season 5, So You Know Season 4 Will Go HardThe power these teens hold.
  5. now streaming
    The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right NowMoonlight, Good Time, Inception, and more.
  6. stand-up
    Ronny Chieng Signs Netflix Deal for Three New Comedy SpecialsGet ready for two stand-up specials and a “semi-scripted road trip comedy” from The Daily Show correspondent.
  7. comedy review
    On the Rocks Hopes You’re Cool With Ignoring All the Bad StuffBrian Regan wants to give his audience escapism, but 2020 is a tough year to escape from.
  8. casting call
    Mila Kunis Is the Luckiest Girl Alive at NetflixIn an upcoming adaptation of Jessica Knoll’s 2015 novel.
  9. operation varsity blues
    Netflix Announces College Admissions Scandal Doc From Makers of Tiger KingAnd Lori Loughlin’s been sprung from prison in time to watch it.
  10. snl
    Bridgerton’s Intimacy Coordinators Could’ve Prepped Better on SNLWashing the dong bags and beav sleeves ahead of time is like Intimacy Coordinating 101, people.
  11. now streaming
    New on Netflix: February 2021To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Buried by the Bernards, I Care A Lot, and more.
  12. now streaming
    The 50 Best Comedies on Netflix Right NowHot Rod, Eurovision, Superbad and more.
  13. gotcha! gotcha again!
    Okay, Let’s Talk About Behind Her Eyes’s Double Twist EndingThat final reveal gives some of what comes before greater context, but that doesn’t mean it’s good context.
  14. movie review
    The Main Reason to Watch I Care a Lot Is Rosamund PikeThe Netflix movie wants to race along like a caper and sting like a satire. But it just winds up fighting itself.
  15. stand-up
    Nate Bargatze’s Second Netflix Special Debuts in MarchPrepare to witness The Greatest Average American.
  16. tv review
    Behind Her Eyes Is Trolling YouNetflix’s new psychological thriller operates entirely in service of an ending so twisty and strange that it obliterates everything that came before.
  17. casting call
    Sex Education’s Simone Ashley Joins the Ton as Bridgerton’s Season Two LeadShe’ll play Kate Sharma, who’s about to have a lot of conflicting emotions for Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton.
  18. trailer mix
    Go Behind the Scenes With Biggie Smalls in Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell TrailerThe first official documentary about Christopher George Latore Wallace, a.k.a. the Notorious B.I.G., hits Netflix on March 1.
  19. streaming
    Chappelle’s Show Has Returned to NetflixHe finally got paid.
  20. movie review
    To All The Boys: Always and Forever Burns Low and SlowThe Netflix movie’s attention to the way romantic comedies operate teaches us to watch it with our guard up.
  21. reality tv
    Is Now the Worst Time for Buried by the Bernards? Or Is it the Best Time?A lighthearted reality show about a bickering family that runs a funeral home? In this climate? Well, as it turns out …
  22. thinking out loud
    And Now, Some Discourse About the Ending of the To All the Boys Movie UniverseTwo Vulture writers have thoughts about padlocks, Oasis, and Lara Jean’s college decision.
  23. trailer mix
    Savor the Adorable Trailer for Waffles + Mochi, Starring Michelle ObamaSo what if it’s aimed at preschoolers?
  24. adaptations
    Netflix Plots Redwall Series and Film Written by Over the Garden Wall CreatorThe platform acquired all 22 books in Brian Jacques’s beloved series.
  25. close reads
    Lupin Pulls an Adaptation Heist on Its AudienceAs Netflix’s latest international hit cleverly riffs on its titular public-domain character, it simultaneously teaches viewers what it’s riffing on.
  26. vulture lists
    Ranking Every Netflix Original Movie: 2015-2020Five years, 515 films.
  27. new shows
    Respect the Hearse in This Clip From Buried by the BernardsNetflix’s new reality show debuts this Friday, February 12.
  28. netflix
    The Obamas Are Developing a Whole Netflix Full of New Projects for the StreamerMovies, TV, docuseries, sci-fi, biopics: You name it, Barack and Michelle are producing it.
  29. movie review
    The Utter Emotional Inauthenticity of Netflix’s Malcolm & MarieNo one comes out of this film unscathed — including Zendaya.
  30. mac & marie
    Let Us Ponder Zendaya Sexily Making Boxed Mac and Cheese in Malcolm & MarieUpon close inspection, it seems to be Kraft … fascinating.
  31. trailer mix
    Get Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes Trailer in Front of Your EyesAnd start speculating about that twist.
  32. two friends
    Dean Edwards and Godfrey Agree: Dan Aykroyd Is the Nicest Guy“Aykroyd is dope.”
  33. the hahnaissance
    Kathryn Hahn Has Always Been a Secret WeaponBring on the Hahnaissance.
  34. sundance 2021
    Virtual Buzz Led to the Biggest Movie Sale in Sundance HistoryAvatar-filled parties, Tweets and Slacks made up for the whispers usually heard in-person at the coveted Utah film festival.
  35. chat room
    The Crown’s Emma Corrin Is Waiting for Elizabeth Debicki’s Call“That’s a decision she has to make for herself.”
  36. now streaming
    The 30 Best Movies for Kids on NetflixThe Princess and the Frog, Enola Holmes, The Willoughbys, and more.
  37. now streaming
    The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right NowThe Blair Witch Project, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Guest, and more.
  38. animation
    Craig McCracken Talks Taking on Serialized Superheroics in Kid CosmicFor his first streaming series, Netflix’s new Kid Cosmic, animator Craig McCracken didn’t want to just make “another campy parody of superheroes.”
  39. now streaming
    The 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right NowThe Old Guard, Snowpiercer, Enola Holmes, and more.
  40. good one podcast
    Larry David Approved This Joke About Blowing Larry DavidBritish comedian London Hughes chats about her Netflix stand-up special on this week’s Good One.
  41. tv review
    We Are the Brooklyn Saints’ Concerns Go Well Beyond Winning and LosingRudy Valdez’s Netflix docuseries reclaims dignity for its characters by seeking beauty, even poetry, in outwardly unremarkable scenarios.
  42. trailer mix
    Amy Poehler Isn’t a Regular Mom. She’s a Cool Mom in the Moxie TrailerThe latest Netflix teen movie in the hallowed genre of Netflix teen movies.
  43. now streaming
    The 100 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right NowThe Queen’s Gambit, Hannibal, Never Have I Ever, and more.
  44. stonks!
    Netflix Also Investing in the GameStop Movie MarketMark Boal is in talks to write a script, with Noah Centineo playing a major role.
  45. movie review
    Netflix’s The Dig Goes Deep on Human ExistenceRalph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan star in this surprisingly moving period drama.
  46. ⚰️
    Don’t Mind the Dead Bodies in the Buried by the Bernards TrailerComing to Netflix on February 12.
  47. netflix
    Lupin to Return to Netflix for Part Two Summer 2021Omar Sy is back as thief and master of headwear, Assane Diop.
  48. billionaire problems
    What the Hell Are the Rich People Talking About on Bling Empire?From Baccarat paperweights to Mellerio vs. Boucheron, we break down some of the series’ most confounding displays of extreme wealth.
  49. the sandman
    All Hail Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer in Netflix’s Sandman AdaptationThe Neil Gaiman series is finally coming to the screen with Christie, Tom Sturridge, and more.
  50. horny tv
    Too Hot to Handle Secretly Filmed Two More SeasonsTime to abstain.
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