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  1. tv ratings
    Jeopardy! Was the Most Watched Prime-Time TV Show Last WeekOn broadcast and cable.
  2. theater review
    Theater Review: Can a Cooled-Down Network Bring the Heat?Theater Review: Can a Cooled-Down Network Bring the Heat?
  3. broadway
    Tony Goldwyn Joins Network, Because All of Scandal Is Going BroadwayThe theater is handled!
  4. broadway
    Tatiana Maslany Will Play the Faye Dunaway Role in Network on BroadwayMichelle Dockery played the part in London.
  5. fall preview 2018
    Bryan Cranston Knows Things Are BadThe actor on playing Network’s Howard Beale on Broadway and being filled with anxiety.
  6. late shifting
    Stephen Colbert Talks Network and the ‘Anger of Conservatives’Like everyone on TV, he’s “wanted to move people like Howard Beale does.”
  7. Fox Show on the Run: Which Network Will Be Arrested Development’s New Home?You’ve probably already heard this weekend’s big news that, in addition to the long-gestating Arrested Development movie, Mitch Hurwitz and […]
  8. Stephen Colbert on Network, the Best Movie EverNetwork is by far my favorite movie ever, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s Stephen Colbert’s as well. We’re like twins!!! As a compliment to his […]
  9. clickables
    Check Out the Times’ Amazing Archive of Network Writer’s NotesThere’s even a programming schedule for the fictional UBS network.