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    Dennis Cooper Is a Notorious Novelist. What Kind of Filmmaker Will He Be?He’s reinventing himself in the model of his idol, French director Robert Bresson.
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    Julia Roberts Is Making a Batkid Movie????????????She will produce and star?????!!???
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    Key and Peele Are Finally Making a MovieIt’s about a stolen cat.
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    Jay Leno Is Coming Back to TVHe left The Tonight Show in February.
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    ABC Really Likes Pilots From Kelly Ripa and Mark ConsuelosThey just bought another one from the producing duo.
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    Steve Carell and James Gandolfini to Play Rival PaleontologistsIn HBO’s Bone Wars.
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    Seth Rogen and James Franco in Talks for Another Movie TogetherBoth would star, and Seth Rogen would direct.
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    Chris Rock’s Working on a Showbiz-Focused Third FilmHe’ll write and direct, with Scott Rudin producing.
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    Tina Fey to Work With Pitch Perfect DirectorBye, TV stardom. Hello, movie stardom.
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    Gore Verbinski to Direct Adaptation of the Graphic Novel PyongyangIt tells the story of a French-Canadian animator who moves to North Korea.
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    Mark Wahlberg Producing Hacker Movie“Say hello to your hacker for me.”
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    RZA Sets Up Next Two Directing Projects, Including a Genghis Khan BiopicC.R.E.A.M = Cinema Rules Everything Around Me.
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    Kelly Ripa and Husband Mark Consuelos Land Comedy at ABCTheir second joint venture in two years.
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    New Girl’s Jake Johnson to Write and Possibly Direct New Fox ComedyThat’s Nick Miller to you fans.
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    Werner Herzog Attached to School-Shooting SatireIt will be like the video for “Jeremy” but funny. In a satirical way.
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    Jodie Foster Signs on to Direct Financial Thriller Money MonsterIt’s called Money Monster. No beaver puppets will be involved.