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New York Comic Con 2015

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    Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo Fooled Fans at NYCCThe sneaky actors wore creepy disguises and took selfies with fans, unbeknownst to the fans.
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    5 Things We Learned From the Firefly Reunion at New York Comic Con Nathan Fillion is a prop thief and wanted to kill off Kaylee, plus hope for a Serenity comic read-thru, and yes, they’d all be game for a season two.
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    12 Things We Learned From The X-Files New York Comic Con ScreeningWhat’s going on with the episode structure, the Lone Gunmen, and Mulder and Scully’s conscious uncoupling?
  4. nycc 2015
    At NYCC, the Pretty Little Liars Talked Changes“I actually told them ‘Hanna has to move to New York and I’m only shooting my scenes in New York,’” Ashley Benson said.
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    Seth Meyers Does Comic Con, Tells Trump Jokes“Donald Trump is running as a Republican, which is funny because I had just assumed he was running as a joke.”
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    7 Things We Learned from Mr. Robot’s NYCC Panel“You guys did get pretty close.”
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    Samantha Bee on Her Late-Night Show: ‘Can We Just Have a F*cking Women’s Space?’Bee discussed Full Frontal at New York Comic Con.
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    What We Learned From the Lucifer Pilot Screening at NY Comic ConAs one nearby seat-mate put it at show’s end: “Well, nothing’s going to beat that! Goodnight, everybody.”
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    Laughing and Crying With The Final Girls at New York Comic Con“Being a virgin — there’s no real virtue in that.”
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    Robert Kirkman on Killing Characters and Negan“I regret all of [the deaths] and none of them at the same time.”
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    Stephenie Meyer Explains Her Gender-Flipped Twilight“I literally can’t do Breaking Dawn with Beau.”
  12. new york comic-con 2015
    Vulture Is Hosting Two Panels at New York Comic-Con!Jesse David Fox will interview Seth Meyers, and Abraham Riesman is moderating a discussion on Harley Quinn.