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    What’s Opera, Jaap? Van Zweden’s Opening Night as the Philharmonic’s New LeaderNew music by Ashley Fure, old music by Stravinsky, and a Wagner chaser.
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    The Future Is (a Little More) Female at the New York PhilharmonicDeborah Borda takes over as CEO, with big plans.
  3. classical music review
    The New York Philharmonic’s New Music Director: Thrilling to ExhaustionJaap van Zweden brings the excitement, over and over and over.
  4. Is It Autumn or Spring at the Met and the Philharmonic?As the seasons end, taking stock of two institutions with narrowing paths to the future.
  5. Music Review: At the Philharmonic, the New Guy’s First NightJaap van Zweden steps up to conduct, two years before he officially takes over the job.
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    Talking to Jaap van Zweden, the New York Philharmonic’s Next Conductor“I met my wife, and after an hour I told her that I was going to marry her. I had the same feeling with this orchestra.”
  7. The New York Philharmonic’s New Director Is Jaap van ZwedenUp from Dallas.
  8. Can the New York Philharmonic Get Funny?In Split, a new commission.
  9. On Opening Night, a Clue to the Philharmonic’s Future?And a very good night of music.
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    Review: Marion Cotillard at the PhilharmonicIn a spoken-word performance of Joan of Arc at the Stake.
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    The Future of Orchestral Music in Two PiecesA pair of new pieces suggest a way forward in the orchestral world.
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    Alan Gilbert Says He’s Quitting the New York PhilharmonicHe tells us he’ll leave when his contract ends in 2017.
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    Theater Review: The Philharmonic’s Uneven Yet Dazzling Show BoatThe Ur-musical, back for a brief run.
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    Q&A: Glenn Dicterow, Philharmonic ConcertmasterAfter 6,000 concerts.
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    Theater Review: The Philharmonic’s Razor-Sharp Sweeney ToddEmma Thompson sings! 
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    Watch Idina Menzel Own ‘Poker Face’ With the New York PhilharmonicFlutists be feeling it (kind of).
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    Justin Davidson on Closing the Philharmonic’s Generation GapWhoever succeeds Zarin Mehta as executive director will have to work to continue breaking down the idea that the Philharmonic is forbidding and elitist.
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    New York Philharmonic Postpones Havana Concert After Patrons Are Shut OutOops: The company has been granted travel licenses, but the folks financing the excursion aren’t allowed in.
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    New York Philharmonic Launches iFart CompetitorJust in case any classical-music fans ever get sick of Flight Control or Stick Wars.
  20. the take
    The New York ‘Times’ Takes a Stand Against French HornsWhat on earth is so hateable about an instrument mostly known as the one that no one in your tenth-grade concert band wanted to play?
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    The Philharmonic Will Be Fine Without Riccardo MutiThe conductor has jilted a besotted New York Philharmonic not just once or twice, but three times.
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    The Philharmonic Plays Pyongyang; Eric Clapton to Follow?New York classical critic Justin Davidson on the historic concert and its aftermath.