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  1. Colin Jost Addresses Weekend Update Criticism, Insists He’ll Be Funnier […]The New York Post ran a brief interview with SNL head writer and not-so-well-received Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost over the weekend, and […]
  2. smash
    Smash’s ‘Napoleonic Little Nazi’ Michael Riedel on Getting Name-Checked in the Premiere and His Upcoming Cameo“To be perfectly arrogant about it, I don’t think you can do a TV show about the Broadway world without including a powerful and notorious Broadway gossip columnist.”
  3. record straightening
    Correction: Toni Braxton Does Not Think She Has a Perfect LifeThe ‘Post’ issues a correction on a Toni Braxton quote.
  4. best friends?
    Guess Who Conan Doesn’t Want As Guest?(Hint: It’s the same guy who cost him his old job.)
  5. The New York Post Knows a Thing or Two About RacismThe swamis at the New York Post think they know which three shows will be canceled first this fall: NBC’s Indian call center comedy Outsourced, […]
  6. embargoes
    Universal Forces Film Critic to Redact Negative Early Review of Public EnemiesThe New York ‘Post”s Lou Lumenick broke the review-embargo date.
  7. the take
    Will ‘The Country Girl’ Be a Hit or a Flop? Either Way, Michael Riedel’s CoveredRiedel, happily for the rest of us, is one of the few entertainment writers who just puts into print the stuff everyone is talking about.
  8. apropos of nothing
    New York ‘Post’ Commenters Respond to This Week’s ‘Moment of Truth’Expert advice from the Post’s always-helpful comment section!
  9. apropos of nothing
    The New York ‘Post’ Joins the War on Christmas!The latest salvo in the war on Christmas comes from an unlikely source — the famously conservative New York Post!
  10. countdown
    Patti LuPone’s ‘Gypsy’ Heading to Broadway?Talks are reportedly under way to bring Arthur Laurents’s revival of Gypsy, starring Patti LuPone, to the St. James this spring.
  11. ranters and ravers
    The ‘Post’ Hops on the Philip Roth Critical Band-wang-onGame, set, match, New York Post.
  12. the early-evening news
    Jerry Bruckheimer Back to What He Does Best: Blowing Shit UpPlus news on Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bob Dylan, and the coming zombie apocalypse.
  13. ranters and ravers
    Michael Chabon’s New Book: How Do You Say ‘Controversial’ in Yiddish?