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  1. ranters and ravers
    Rushdie, Burroughs, Palahniuk: Whose ‘TBR’ Review Was the Worst?It was a busy week, apparently, for whichever intern is in charge of hatchet-sharpening duties at the ‘Times Book Review.’
  2. ranters and ravers
    Did Heath Ledger Really Slag Off Philip Seymour Hoffman? The ‘Times’ Says So!The ‘Times Book Review’ includes a highly questionable quotation purported to be from Heath Ledger. Vulture calls B.S.
  3. ranters and ravers
    How Dirty Is That Auden Poem That Was Too Dirty for the ‘Times Book Review’?It is really, really, really, really dirty. So we’re reprinting the entire thing.
  4. the take
    No, the ‘Times’ Coverage of ‘Love and Consequences’ Is Not Charles McGrath’s FaultNo offense to the excellent rabble-rousers over at Gawker, but we’d answer that question with a chuckle and a dismissive wave of the hand.
  5. ranters and ravers
    Someone Forgot to Tell Janet Maslin That the ‘Times’ Loves Charles BockJust when we were getting all revved up with righteous indignation, guess who delivers a welcome blast of critical dismissal?
  6. ranters and ravers
    Sam Anderson: How Critics, Including Me, Screwed Up Our Alice Sebold ReviewsHow did we all get an important plot detail so totally wrong?
  7. the take
    The ‘Times Book Review’ Blows Up the Best-Seller ListsWhat the hell are popular books like that doing on a best-seller list?
  8. ranters and ravers
    ‘Harry Potter‘: Finally, Out-of-Touch 60-Year-Olds Weigh In!Christopher Hitchens and Stephen King have their say.
  9. apropos of nothing
    Dwight Garner, ‘Times’ Book Review Star, Launches ‘Times’ Book Review Blog
  10. ranters and ravers
    ‘Raw Shark Texts’: Does It Bite?