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  1. stand-up
    Seinfeld Somehow Talks Nanette, Louis C.K., Roseanne, Cosby All in One InterviewHe loves Nanette!
  2. New York Times Writer Regrets Spoiling Batman’s Wedding in HeadlineThere has been a reader backlash.
  3. podcast review
    Caliphate Is a Breathtaking Investigation of ISISThe New York Times podcast answers an essential question: “Who are we fighting, anyway?”
  4. the break with michelle wolf
    Michelle Wolf Knows Why the Times’ Op-ed Page Is So Kooky“Write a slavery-denial take, come on get on the ball!”
  5. based on a true story
    Annapurna, Plan B Developing a Movie About Weinstein ReportingExpect a project similar to Spotlight.
  6. Why the New York Times Is Making a Podcast About ISISCaliphate is a stunner of a podcast. Here’s how it all came together.
  7. the industry
    Quentin Tarantino Addresses Uma Thurman’s Times Piece, Kill Bill Car Accident“Again, that is one of the biggest regrets of my life.”
  8. where's the beef?
    New York Times Is Definitely Not Bitter About The Post, Why Would You Even Ask?Feud: The New York Times and The Post.
  9. the industry
    New York Times to Shift Red-Carpet Coverage Following #MeTooGlitz, gowns, and one of its Weinstein investigative reporters.
  10. legal troubles
    New York Times Fired Lawyer Who Helped in Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Spying Operation’David Boies’s law firm was reportedly working for the Times while writing Harvey Weinstein’s contract with a private-investigation firm.
  11. the industry
    Ex-NYT Reporter Claims Weinstein Asked Damon to Help Kill 2004 Story; NYT DeniesThe Wrap editor Sharon Waxman trades accusations with top Times editors, says Weinstein pressured celebrity friends to help kill the story.
  12. book drama
    Author of YA Book Cut From Best-seller List Claims No Attempt to Game the SystemLani Sarem says, to her knowledge, there was no plan to boost Handbook for Mortals’ sales numbers.
  13. What Michiko Kakutani’s Departure From the Times Means for Books CoverageThe most powerful book critic gets a book deal.
  14. books
    Legendary New York Times Book Critic Michiko Kakutani Is Stepping DownAt the same time as Kakutani’s depature, Parul Sehgal has been named book critic.
  15. roll clip!
    Late Show Parodies New York Times Commercial With Its Own ‘Trump Is’ Ad“Trump is America’s gullible uncle.”
  16. oscars 2017
    The New York Times Airs Commercial During Oscars That Fires Back at Donald TrumpTrump responded by repeating his lie about the paper “failing.”
  17. sequential art
    New York Times Kills Comics Best-seller Lists“It certainly isn’t good for business.”
  18. theater drama
    New York Times Rejects Hello, Dolly! AdAwkward.
  19. Lin-Manuel Miranda Pens New York Times Op-EdDoing his best not to leave you helpless.
  20. oscar race 2011
    Watch the New York Times’ ‘Touch of Evil’ Series“A video gallery of cinematic villainy,” performed by a crop of this year’s biggest actors.
  21. takedowns
    New York Times Review Eviscerates New York Times Documentary’Page One’ “is, in a word, a mess.”
  22. tv
    Lifetime Orders Modern Love PilotYes, based on the New York ‘Times’ column.
  23. Steve Martin Interview Ruined By ‘Philistine’ AudienceApparently, Steve Martin’s conversation with the New York Times’ Deborah Solomon at the 92nd St Y in NYC earlier this week didn’t go so well. […]
  24. decoded
    Jay-Z’s Decoded Made Michiko Kakutani Realize That ‘Even Rhymes About Guns and Girls Have Hidden Meanings’Hova got a rave in the ‘Times’ today.
  25. NYT Crossword Puzzle Has Every Answer Pertain to the Rally to Restore […]Yesterday’s New York Times crossword had a theme that revealed itself as you completed it. That theme? The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. […]
  26. patti stanger
    Millionaire Matchmaker Takes New York, Repeats Successful Formula for TV Show“The show reminds folks that privileged people are flawed human beings.”
  27. books
    Play Around on the New York Times’ Literary Map of ManhattanA guide to what was said and where, all over the city.
  28. How Political Will the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ Be?The NYT’s David Carr takes on the Stewart/Colbert rally and the fine line between entertainment and politics they’re trying to walk: “Yet there […]
  29. jonathan franzen
    Franzen: Picoult Not Totally Wrong About the Times Favoring White Men“I actually have a lot of those feelings myself.”
  30. author versus author
    Jodi Picoult: ‘The Times Favors White Male Authors’Jodi!
  31. jersey shore
    What the Times’s Snook Slam Says About Puff PiecesIn a world full of vapid, self-centered celebrities, have you ever read a meaner profile? What did poor Snooki do to deserve it?
  32. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Furious About Mad Men Spoiler He May Have Already SpoiledHe was “shocked — really shocked” by Alessandra Stanley’s spoiler-filled review.
  33. adam lambert
    Adam Lambert Does Not Just Peck, He LicksThe ‘Times’ corrects itself.
  34. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Stephen Colbert Takes on the New York Times’ Word PolicePlus, Louis C.K. drops by The Daily Show to share his thoughts on the Pope, on our regular late-night roundup.
  35. insinuations
    Does the Times’ Jeanette Catsoulis Want Jay Baruchel to Be Assassinated With an Ice Pick?Her review of the ‘The Trotsky’ seems to suggest so.
  36. ranters and ravers
    Times Sends Poor Jeannette Catsoulis to Human CentipedeA.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis both wussed out.
  37. downers
    New York Times Warns Oscar-Nominated Actors: Don’t Get Too SmugWhich nominee from last year is hawking TV dinners?
  38. i love the situation
    The Times Can’t Bring Itself to Defend Jersey ShoreIt gets points for trying.
  39. ranters and ravers
    Manohla Dargis Has Some Choice Words for HollywoodNot even Paul Dergarabedian can escape her barbs.
  40. megan fox
    NYT: Megan Fox Not Funny Anymore“I am on display for men to pay to look at me. And that bothers me. I don’t want to live that character.”
  41. the industry
    Laura Dern Is FockedPlus: Rock of Ages! Mia Hamm! Modern Love!
  42. money
    Movie Stars: Dead!Will the failed movies of summer 2009 finally spell the end for Hollywood’s star system?
  43. Trish Hall the New Times Culture Editor?Sharon Waxman hears this morning that dining editor Trish Hall will replace Sifton in his former position as the paper’s culture editor.
  44. James Cameron’s Avatar Follow-up Will Star Tom Arnold, Claims Tom Arnold“It’s not going to be called ‘True Lies II,’ but it might as well be.”
  45. The New York Times Really, Really Likes the New Wilco AlbumThe ‘Times’ thought Wilco’s new album was good enough to warrant two separate interviews with Jeff Tweedy in yesterday’s paper.
  46. ben silverman
    Let History Be the Judge of Ben Silverman, Says Ben Silverman“I’d like to think time will tell, because you can’t really judge your programming skills in a strike-shortened, 18-month period.”
  47. sour grapes
    How Should the Times Frame Its Next Anti-Kindle Story?Another day, another anti-Kindle story in the ‘Times.’ We’ve helpfully brainstormed a few angles for their next article on the dangers or e-readers.
  48. mash notes
    Manohla Dargis and Robert Downey Jr., Sittin’ in a Tree…Get a room, you two!
  49. skanks
    Lily Allen Calls Out Times ‘Skanks’They sold photos to British tabloids of her in her home against her wishes, apparently.
  50. ranters and ravers
    Is Manohla Dargis Lightening Up?It certainly seems like it!
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