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  1. remembrances
    “Honey, you shouldn’t be showing that to anyone:” Why Pauline Kael Was My CriticHer writing always seemed like a journey, an elevated form of thinking out loud.
  2. Lillian Ross Was One of the Best Reporters on the Arts, and Life ItselfThere were never very many writers like her.
  3. sequential art
    How Adrian Tomine Makes His Award-Winning ComicsBehind the scenes of his new anthology.
  4. A Roundup of Responses to Anthony Lane’s Scarlett Johansson Profile“Inappropriate-uncle creepiness.”
  5. new yorker
    Watch a Weird Video Ad for The New Yorker AppWell, that was weird.
  6. Can You Best Elaine Benes in ‘New Yorker’ Captioning?This cartoon was used in “The Cartoon” episode of Seinfeld. You know the one where Elaine accidentally steals a Ziggy. Well, now the New Yorker […]
  7. Watch a New Yorker Cartoonist Doodle and Chat at the Same Time Here’s a video interview with New Yorker cartoonist Matt Diffee, in which he discusses the business of “drawing funny” and also doodles a […]
  8. Watch the Entire New Yorker Arrested Development Panel NowWant to watch the full, hour-long Arrested Development panel that featured not only the announcement of the new series/movie, but also a […]
  9. Mindy Kaling Dissects The Lady Creatures Of The Rom-Com Universe In Mindy Kaling’s “Flick Chicks,” part of this week’s New Yorker, the Office writer explains her love for the bizarre, deeply unnatural […]
  10. Larry David’s Kübler-Ross Scale of Being Lousy at GolfIn this week’s New Yorker, Larry David contributed a piece to Shouts and Murmurs about how he’s gone through the traditional Kübler-Ross stages […]
  11. George Saunders’ Latest: ‘Home’This week’s New Yorker is the annual Fiction Issue, and as such is full of wonderful short stories by excellent writers. Especially of note is […]
  12. Simon Rich Gets Romantic With ‘Trade’From within her ice palace beneath the frozen Antarctic tundra, Drew Barrymore telepathically optioned the film rights to SNL writer Simon […]
  13. The Insect-Lined Marriage Bed of Anna Faris and Chris PrattAccording to Anna Faris’ New Yorker profile, the Scary Movie star bonded with then-boyfriend Parks and Rec’s Chris Pratt over collecting exotic […]
  14. Allow Colin Jost to Explain to You Your Time Warner BillDecoding your Time Warner bill can be confusing. So many charges! Luckily, SNL writer Colin Jost took to the pages of this week’s New Yorker to […]
  15. Tina Fey’s Two Types of Comedy Writer: Harvard Boys and Crazy ImprovisersIn the latest issue of the New Yorker Tina Fey has written a piece about her experiences at SNL. I am guessing that this new guest writing […]
  16. Demetri Martin Asks ‘Who Am I?’ in the New YorkerIn the latest issue of the New Yorker, Demetri Martin contributes a piece called “Who Am I?” to Shouts and Murmurs. A taste:I am bravery. I am […]
  17. Where I Got These Abs, by Bob OdenkirkIn this week’s New Yorker, Bob Odenkirk tells us where he got his abs: “The ab on the upper right is taut and sinewy thanks to middle school. […]
  18. clickables
    See The New Yorker’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark CoverExcellent use of the Spidey web on the TV.
  19. clickables
    Read a Collection of New Yorker Cartoons With Literal Captions“I’m an alien.”
  20. clickables
    Read The New Yorker’s Four Loko CartoonR.I.P. Loko.
  21. A New George Saunders Story in The New Yorker Is Cause for CelebrationLooking for something to read? George Saunders, hilarious/wonderful short story writer and personal hero of mine, has a new piece in this […]
  22. Allison Silverman on Hipster Community OutreachHere’s another excellent piece by former Daily Show/Colbert Report writer Allison Silverman taking on the denizens of Williamsburg in this […]
  23. clickables
    Read 70 Years’ Worth of Airport-Security New Yorker CartoonsTo put your pat-down in perspective.
  24. Aziz Ansari, Randy, and the Nebulous State of ‘Alt-Comedy’This week’s New Yorker features a lengthy profile of Aziz Ansari, talking about his place in the “alternative comedy” scene and the fine line […]
  25. E-mail Auto-Response, by Martin MarksE-mail auto-response, by Martin Marks in this week’s New Yorker: “Thank you for your e-mail, which, if it is under three (3) sentences long, I […]
  26. Simon Rich Takes On GoogleSNL writer and book author Simon Rich has a piece in this week’s New Yorker about Google. Specifically, what Google’s dictionary defines […]
  27. tv
    Watch Jason Schwartzman’s iPad Commercial for The New YorkerHe takes it in the shower and also uses it as a fig leaf.
  28. The New Yorker’s Young Gun CartoonistsIts parameters are tight: black and white. One square. One caption. It’s bare, and it’s simple. It doesn’t have dialogue or physicality or […]
  29. Yoni Brenner Brings Football Humor to the New Yorker with Trick PlaysIn this week’s New Yorker, Yoni Brenner brings some high-minded sports humor to Shouts and Murmurs with Trick Plays: “Double Trick Inside […]
  30. Raising a Good Enough BabyAndy Borowitz’s The Good Enough Baby, from this week’s New Yorker: “There are many misconceptions about babies and baths. The old saying ‘Don’t […]
  31. Allison Silverman: Et Tu, BrooklynFormer Colbert Report Executive Producer/Daily Show writer Allison Silverman has a humor piece in the New Yorker this week entitled Et Tu, […]
  32. books
    What If Kanye West’s Tweets Were New Yorker Cartoons?“We lookin’ crazy fresh where’s paparazzi when you need em,” says one squirrel to the other.
  33. music
    See Country Singer Brad Paisley’s New Yorker Cartoon Contest SubmissionsSadly, the second casts a shadow on the glory of the first.
  34. 20 under 40
    Why Do The New Yorker’s ‘20 under 40’ Hate Love?Five of the eight stories in this week’s ‘New Yorker’ are about busted relationships.
  35. books
    The New Yorker Names Its Twenty Best Writers Under 40And it’s not that surprising.
  36. unibrow
    How The New Yorker ‘20 Under 40’ Is Like a Highbrow, Literary American IdolSimon Cowell is not involved.
  37. music
    See The New Yorker’s Lady Gaga CartoonHighbrow high brow-brow.
  38. j.d. salinger
    The New Yorker’s Salinger Collection’The New Yorker’ has made the dozen stories J.D. Salinger wrote for the magazine available for free.
  39. hard sells
    A Blink-182 Guy’s Sad Pitch to Vampire Weekend“You’re trying to live in an industry that’s dying. And so Modlife is trying to give you the chance to survive.”
  40. lists
    New Yorker Editor Chooses His Best Movies of the DecadeMcLovin isn’t in a single one!
  41. party lines
    Tilda, Schwartzman, and Karen O at NYer Festival“And my boyfriend is going to be the quarterback, and he’s British, so he doesn’t even know what that means.”
  42. james cameron
    The Truth About James CameronThe word “no” gives James Cameron an erection.
  43. nikki finke
    Nikki Finke Charms The New Yorker“I used to say, and I meant this in a nice way, that my mother should have been a Nazi interrogator.”
  44. free stuff
    Update: Nicholson Baker Runs Up Awesome Set of Expenses For New Yorker Kindle ReviewHow nervous is ‘The New Yorker’ about the Kindle? Almost $3,000 worth of nervous!
  45. how percussion works
    New Yorker Critic James Wood Books New Gig: ‘Guest Percussionist’On July 1, Wood will add “guest percussion” to a concert by author John Jeremiah Sullivan’s band, Fayaway.
  46. thanks for that
    New Yorker Blog Chortles Heartily at Rihanna BeatingWe’ve read ‘New Yorker’ cartoons funnier than this.
  47. tina fey
    ‘New Yorker’ Officially Kick-starts Tina Fey BacklashIn her review of ‘30 Rock,’ Nancy Franklin calls Fey’s performance ‘not-so-great.’
  48. ranters and ravers
    James Wood Objects to Descriptions of His Book But Does Not Deny He Is Raising an ArmyThe ‘New Yorker’ critic comments on our claims that his army will soon take over New York.
  49. ranters and ravers
    Is ‘New Yorker’ Critic James Wood Creating an Army of Like-minded Young Novelists?But what will James Wood do with his power???
  50. ranters and ravers
    Is Anthony Lane’s ‘SATC’ Review Really Sexist?It is according to Jezebel, and to a whole lot of the site’s commenters.
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