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  1. Our Epic, Juicy Emmy Party TimelineJane Lynch! Bryan Batt! Jesse Tyler Feguson! Nathan Fillion! Bill Maher! Jim Parson! Mark-Paul Gosselaar! Anna Paquin! Stephen Moyer! Elisabeth Moss! Aaron Paul! Bryan Cranston!
  2. party chat
    James Cameron Sad About SAG Snub“[Zoe Saldana] did many things for this role that are the kinds of things that earn people Oscars.”
  3. news reel
    Rosie O’Donnell Has More to Say About Leno“[Leno] knew for five years it was time to make another plan, and instead he tried a Nancy Kerrigan, right?”
  4. news reel
    Lucy Lawless Talks Spartacus“It’s a virgin merkin. It’s in a frame; they gave it to me at the end of the season.”
  5. news reel
    The Director of Downfall Speaks Out on All Those Angry YouTube HitlersSurprise: He loves them!
  6. news reel
    Weinstein Responds to Mouthy Single Man Star“I mean, we have 250 Oscar nominations and 72 wins, but I think Matthew might know a little bit more than me.”
  7. news reel
    Clooney, Freeman, and Gyllenhaal at the NBR GalaMorgan Freeman: “I want to express my appreciation to the NBR for not settling for George Clooney.”
  8. party chat
    James Toback on Confronting Film Critics“So I said to Canby, ‘You know, you ought to think twice before being so vicious to a movie that your idol thinks is a masterpiece.’”
  9. news reel
    Gabourey Sidibe on the Scene From Precious That Totally Cracks Her Up“I laugh inappropriately at it — sorry. I’m laughing because I’m not falling.”
  10. news reel
    Michael Cera on Jersey Shore“[The meetup] confirmed a few things I already suspected, which was, like, girls love a really smokin’ body and everybody loves pizza.”
  11. news reel
    Matthew Goode on A Single Man’s Oscar Shot: ‘It Doesn’t Seem to Be Getting a Push From the Weinsteins Too Much’He says several other things, also.
  12. vampires
    Bryce Dallas Howard on Robert Pattinson’s HygieneRobert Pattinson: “Oh, I have to go to the dentist.”
  13. chat room
    Wilford Brimley Lives in Wyoming, Not on Mars“You know, we live on a ranch in a small Wyoming town. We don’t live on Mars.”
  14. news reel
    Stars Turn Out for Launch of New Music-Website ThingyBono: “They say that Soulja Boy will get 200 million views in 2009 … I’d settle for U2 having one actual hit in 2009.”
  15. news reel
    Steve Martin on His Oscar-Hosting Gig“Oh, that’ll be easy.”
  16. news reel
    Adam Lambert Talks Scandals, Including His Own“I wasn’t thinking about Bowie when I was up there. I was thinking about sex.”
  17. charadespocalypse
    Julia Roberts Runs Amok at Celebrity Charades GameJulia Roberts: “My pants are SO tight, come on! I wore these tight pants just for you.”
  18. harvey
    Harvey Weinstein’s Words of Encouragement For the Guy Who Took This Photo“If you didn’t get that shot, it’s back to f—ing 10-year-old’s birthday parties and pin the tail on the donkey for you, for f—’s sake.”
  19. chat room
    Peter Jackson on Lovely Bones’ Oscar Hopes“It’s not a film that everyone likes, but I don’t know what that film is … There’s no such thing as perfection.”
  20. news reel
    Lee Daniels: Precious Screening Prompts Abuse Confession“Some guy came up to me at a screening that I was at recently and he told me that he, um, was sexually abusing his 14-year-old daughter.”
  21. news reel
    The Gotham Awards: Victories for Hurt Locker, Sloshed PresentersMeryl Streep: “drunk as a skunk”?
  22. news reel
    Willem Dafoe Getting a Little Sick Of Your Antichrist Penis Jokes“If people want to make that the thing they want to talk about, it’s distressing, but that’s their business.”
  23. chat room
    Harvey Weinstein Explains A Single Man’s Marketing, Sort Of“I’m good. You got enough. Thank you.”
  24. news reel
    Ang Lee and James Schamus on Taking Woodstock“Everybody who goes to an Ang Lee movie wants to be sublimely depressed by the end of the film. And if you have ‘Woodstock’ in the title, you think you’re going to be seeing Joe Cocker screaming onstage.”
  25. news reel
    Sigourney Weaver Talks Avatar and James Cameron“He does get impatient with filmmaking in a way, but he always pushes himself harder than anybody else.”
  26. news reel
    Blind Side Author Michael Lewis on Its Adaptation“The best writer in Hollywood is a dead writer.”
  27. news reel
    Courtney Love at the Elton John Foundation Benefit“I would never bid if I didn’t want to. But after 120 [thousand dollars], it’s like, I don’t have a plutonium card.”
  28. chat room
    Bill Murray on Ghostbusters 3“You’re not going to get creepy now, are you?”
  29. news reel
    Gershon, Stamos, and Sagat on Bye Bye BirdieSaget: “Why don’t you touch my testicles and make me forget about it?”
  30. chat room
    James Franco Explains His General Hospital Role“I’ve got other ideas for my participation in this soap opera beyond just being in this soap opera.”
  31. news reel
    Jemaine Clement on Why Flight of the Conchords Might End, and What Might Be NextIn two words: daddy issues.
  32. news reel
    Woody Allen’s Title Secret“Well, that was a very aggressive title, so you can hope that it’s a good movie.”
  33. news reel
    Hugh Jackman Gives New Oscar Hosts His Blessing“They are both fantastic. Steve actually gave me a lot of funny hints last year.”
  34. news reel
    Vulture Exclusive: Oscar Host Alec Baldwin ‘Got Lucky’“I got lucky. Today’s my lucky day.”
  35. news reel
    Alec Baldwin Not Responsible For Daughter’s Lil Wayne Cake“A Little Wayne what?”
  36. news reel
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts: A Behind-the-Scenes TimelineBono! Tom Morello! Fergie! Mick Jagger! Tom Hanks! Mark-Paul Gosselaar!
  37. news reel
    Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters 3 Casting: Two Guys, Two Girls, All Unknowns“I hope it’s a nice mix, maybe two guys and two girls. We’ll find some great young actors. We’re probably going to search for unknowns.”
  38. news reel
    Swank, McGregor, and Gere at the Amelia PremiereHarry Connick Jr. on Hilary Swank: “Hell no, I won’t fly with her!”
  39. news reel
    James Gandolfini on Friendship With Elaine Stritch“I met her at a ‘Sopranos’ premiere party where she yelled at me about stuff.”
  40. python
    Video: Watch Last Night’s Monty Python Reunion“Why isn’t John funny anymore?”
  41. party chat
    Salman Rushdie on Casting the Midnight’s Children Movie“I happen to know [Dev Patel’s] people approached the production to express an interest.”
  42. chat room
    An Education’s Carey Mulligan on Ditching London for New York, American JackassesMulligan spoke with us at last night’s ‘Education’ premiere about her growing celebrity and upcoming move to Gotham.
  43. news reel
    A Serious Man’s Amy Landecker on Shooting Naked“It’s been referred to in the past as a ‘pubic-hair wig,’ which I really take offense to.”
  44. party chat
    Ne-Yo on the Album He Wrote for Michael Jackson, the New One He’s Writing for Jennifer Hudson“She wants this one to be a lot more personal than the last one was. And she’s had a lot of stuff to deal with personally.”
  45. party chat
    John Stamos’s Heartthrob Hangout“I can’t tell you where it’s at because of the paparazzi. It’s just where the Hollywood heartthrobs go. We talk about how hot we are.”
  46. chat room
    Hugh Jackman on NPH, Next Year’s Oscars“I gave him enough crap about it for four weeks. Now I’m used to it.”
  47. news reel
    Kara DioGuardi Shops New Reality ShowKara tells Vulture: “It takes the best acts that have been dropped [by their labels] and gives them a second chance.”
  48. chat room
    Jenny Slate: SNL’s Newest Cast Member“I feel like I’m floating off the ground, but I’m still myself.”
  49. party chat
    Zach Galifianakis Game for G-Force Sequel“Only if I can date one of the guinea pigs, then yes.”
  50. news reel
    Exclusive: Jackman to Eat SandwichHugh Jackman has not yet eaten Carnegie Deli’s Wolverine sandwich, which was created last week in his honor — but he intends to.
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