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  1. mad men
    See Newsweek’s Retro Mad Men CoverCoolest elevator ride ever.
  2. tonys
    Sean Hayes Will Host the TonysIn your face, ‘Newsweek.’
  3. ryan murphy
    Newsweek Writer to Visit Glee Set, Ryan Murphy Writes’Glee’ creator still doesn’t feel ‘Newsweek’ has offered proper apology for article.
  4. newsweek
    Glee Creator Calls for Boycott of Newsweek After ‘Blatantly Homophobic’ ArticleRyan Murphy pushes for boycott until the magazine offers an apology.
  5. beef
    Kristin Chenoweth Is Not Pleased With NewsweekShe “was shocked on many levels” to see a “horrendously homophobic” article on its website.