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  1. music
    Sharon Van Etten Gets FreeOn Remind Me Tomorrow the artist ditches guitars and finds bold new ways to write about love.
  2. Nick Cave Brings Dark Tales of Death and Loss to the Beacon Theatre“They told us our dreams would outlive us … but they lied.”
  3. mavis staples
    Watch Mavis Staples, Nick Lowe, and Wilco Rehearse a Cover of ‘The Weight’Good people making great music? That’s how you face Hump Day.
  4. goodbyes
    Nick Cave Says Grinderman Is Done“See you all in another 10 years when we’ll be even older and uglier.”
  5. the industry
    Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy to Play Bootleggers in Prohibition-Era DramaNick Cave wrote the screenplay.
  6. chat room
    Nick Cave on Grinderman and Why He’s a Feminist“Well, I don’t consider myself not one. I’m not a misogynist, so you can dispense with that.”
  7. charity
    Shane MacGowan and Friends Sing for HaitiWe love this wholeheartedly.
  8. charity
    Shane MacGowan + Johnny Depp + Nick Cave = AwesomeAnd don’t forget Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie!
  9. quote machine
    Taylor Swift Basically Over, Says Wynonna JuddPlus: Kristen Stewart exactly like Jodie Foster.
  10. quote machine
    Handsome Movie Star Maintains Healthy Body ImagePlus: ‘People’ interviews a puppet.
  11. travesties
    Studio Rejects Nick Cave’s Awesome-Sounding Gladiator 2 ScreenplayIt’s true, we guess!
  12. quote machine
    Upcoming Beastie Boys Album Sounds Better Than Their Last One, at Least’Quantum of Solace’ director: ‘I was like, ‘Quantum of Solace,’ what’s that about?’
  13. quote machine
    Fear Not: Diddy Will Weather This RecessionPlus: Nick Cave and Scott Weiland muse on man’s relationship to pants.
  14. last night's gig
    Nick Cave Takes the Plug Awards Where the Sun Don’t Shine“I feel like my dad at a rave,” said host Patton Oswalt last night at the Plug Awards.