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  1. Nick Swardson Is Always ReadyOften when a person is described as “Hollywood” it is used in a pejorative manner. But after a long conversation with Nick Swardson about his […]
  2. Norm Macdonald Shares a Big ‘SNL’ Secret He Learned from Chris Farley on […]Adam Sandler, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider, and Norm Macdonald were guests on last night’s Conan, and during their interview with […]
  3. vulture lists
    Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant on 11 Classic Reno 911! ScenesThomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant select their favorite improved bits from the cult Comedy Central show.
  4. Nick Swardson Is Taking Rob Schneider’s Place in ‘Grown Ups 2’ It looks like one of the stars of Grown Ups will be missing when the inevitable sequel comes out this summer. Rob Schneider is the only one […]
  5. Another 10 TV Pilots the Networks Didn’t Pick UpThe fall TV season kicked off this week, with NBC being the first of the major networks to launch new shows. It’s really impressive any time a […]
  6. Pretend Time Is Over, ChildrenNick Swardson announced via Facebook that his Comedy Central sketch show, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, will end after its second season. […]
  7. Riggle, Posehn, and Nanjiani Catapult To Hell and Back Beyond Great and […]Only January and already there’s a lock on R-Rated Stop-Motion Animated Comedy of the Year. To Hell and Back, starring TJ Miller and Nick […]
  8. TJ Miller and Nick Swardson Are Going to Hell in an R-Rated Stop-Motion […]Nick Swardson and TJ Miller have been cast in a stop-motion animated comedy from ShadowMachine, the company behind Robot Chicken and Moral […]
  9. Nick Swardson On Bucky Larson, Pretend Time and the CriticsLast week I interviewed Nick Swardson about the upcoming season of Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, which premieres this Wednesday, Oct. 5, his […]
  10. Bucky Larson Generating Serious Razzie BuzzThough the Razzie Awards are still months away, it seems critics are already heralding Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star as a near-lock for this […]
  11. Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star: A TreatiseI saw Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star last night at the 12:01 show, and of the eight person audience, two people walked out early. I promise […]
  12. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Sarah Jessica Parker Fled From Her Burly, Bare-Chested Russian LovahPlus: Tequila has a bizarre effect on ‘Glee”s Chris Colfer, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Nick Swardson on 30 Minutes or Less, Playing With Fire, and His Love of Point Break“I just watched it the other day, and it’s funny seeing a healthy Gary Busey, bless his heart.”
  14. Nick Swardson Goes All The Way In Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star Nick Swardson is, hands down, one of my favorite stand-ups of all time. As far as I’m concerned, we should all be mailing him personal checks […]
  15. Meet The Villains Of The Jesse Eisenberg/Aziz Ansari Action-Comedy 30 […] Who knew there was something that could make me happier than a photo of Danny McBride brandishing a cross-bow? Turns out, add Nick Swardson […]
  16. First Image and Synopsis for Action Comedy 30 Minutes or LessHere’s the first image from 30 Minutes or Less, which stars Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari. What’s it about? […]
  17. The All-Star Version of the Risk! Podcast Is Chock Full of Famous Comics’ […]Podcast aficionado Joe Berkowitz already introduced us to the Risk! podcast, hosted by The State’s Kevin Allison, but the most current episode […]
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    Last Night on Late Night: Will Ferrell Sings Celine Dion, Pounds Chest on LettermanPlus, Mandy Moore admits that she tolerates Ryan Adams’ love of Death Metal, but thinks he’s lying when he says it influences his own music.
  19. Nick Swardson’s Bucket List for Kids Here’s a really twisted clip from Comedy Central’s Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time about following a dying child’s bucket list to the letter, no […]
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Picks Up James Franco’s ScrapsPlus: Stephen Dorff is so back.
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    Nick Swardson on ‘Zohan,’ Gay Robots, and ‘Cavemen’’Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Really? That’s hilarious. I don’t even know what to say.’
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    Ice Cube Will Star in ‘The A-Team’ Movie, He GuessesPlus: Maggie Gyllenhaal!