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  1. backstories
    How Stereogum Made the Best Covers Compilation of the YearTalking the Save Stereogum compilation, 2000s nostalgia, and that “Photograph” cover with Stereogum’s Scott Lapatine.
  2. memes
    *Nickelback Voice* Look at This DMCA Takedown NoticeTrump’s Nickelback meme tweet was shortlived.
  3. mean tweets
    No One Roasts Nickelback Better Than Nickelback Reading Your Mean TweetsThey’ve heard it all!
  4. identity theft
    Man Not in Nickelback Arrested After Trying to Be Mistaken for Man in NickelbackA Florida man allegedly stole the identity of Nickelback’s drummer.
  5. guiltless pleasures
    Father John Misty: ‘I Ride for Nickelback’Back off Nickelback.
  6. Chainsmokers Embrace the Nickelback Comparison Thrown at Them With a Mash-upThe duo made a mash-up of “Paris” and “How You Remind Me.”
  7. beefin’
    Avril Lavigne Tells Mark Zuckerberg to Stop Bullying Nickelback“Your jab at Nickelback is in poor taste.”
  8. oh-canada
    Canadian Town Apologizes for Nickelback JokeThe band was reportedly unenthused by the whole situation.
  9. international relations
    A Canadian Town Is Punishing Drunk Drivers With Nickelback MusicLook at this headline. Every time you do, it makes you laugh.
  10. videology
    Nickelback Plays Funk Music Now, Apparently“Coca-Cola, roller coaster.”
  11. chavril
    Chad Kroeger–Lover Avril Lavigne Covers Nickelback’s ‘How You Remind Me’Our first taste of Chavril-born music.
  12. hobbies
    Man Put Penis in Fan at Chad Kroeger’s BehestNickelback!
  13. nickelback
    Watch Jason Alexander in a Nickelback VideoBelieve us, we’re just as confused as you are.
  14. nickelback
    Watch Nickelback Respond to YouTube Comments “He have tits with milk?” Probing questions.
  15. non-apologies
    The Black Keys Are Sorry But Not Really Sorry for That Nickelback Dis“It just came out.”
  16. hurt feelings
    A Brief History of Popular Nickelback BullyingWhy are they so mad now?
  17. burns
    Nickelback Is Finally Tired of All Your Jokes“Next time, spell check first.”
  18. crocs
    Check Out ‘the Most Offensive Picture in the World’Picture it: Nicolas Cage walks into a room, wearing Uggs and singing that terrible song from Spider-Man
  19. Paul Scheer Helps Nickelback Be More Detroit-Friendly This Funny or Die video starring Paul Scheer as Nickelback’s agent asks the brave question, “Would Detroit be happier with a band made up of […]
  20. music
    Lovesick Nickelback Fan Posts Frantic Video Letter to Lead Singer“This man who has EVERYTHING had no right to intentionally drive me mad.”
  21. beef
    Pickles Prove More Popular Than NickelbackChad Kroeger isn’t going to take this lying down.
  22. bad taste
    Nickelback Named Billboard’s Rock Group of the DecadeSomeone please stick a fork in this decade.
  23. apropos of nothing
    Nickelback Sign First Live Nation 360 Deal That Actually Sort of Makes SenseThe kings of red-state radio rock sign a $70 million deal.