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Nico Tortorella

  1. reality tv
    Snooki and Nico Tortorella Reveal Their Wildest Tattoo StoriesMTV’s How Far Is Tattoo Far? hosts explain their ink. (And how a Biblical sex dream inspired one of Nico’s favorite tats.)
  2. vmas 2018
    Nico Tortorella Does So Much at the VMAs, There’s None Left for the Rest of UsThe Younger star wore what appears to be the new U.S. Bill of Rights on the back of their MTV red carpet look.
  3. exclusive
    Read Nico Tortorella’s Poems on the Penis, the Vagina, and His IdentityExcerpted from Tortorella’s book all of it is you.
  4. casting couch
    Nico Tortorella Will Murder Courtney Love in Lifetime’s Menendez Brothers MovieSay good-bye to Nico Tortorella’s softer side.
  5. vulture cover story
    Nico Tortorella Wants to Be ‘The Future Man’An energy-crystal healing session with the bisexual, “emotionally fluid,” totally sober star of TV’s Younger.
  6. trailer mix
    Watch the Younger Season 3 TrailerReturning September 28.
  7. sexuality is a spectrum
    Younger’s Nico Tortorella Is Sexually ‘Fluid’“I’ve never been in any sort of closet.”