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Nico Walker

  1. cherk
    Watch the Teaser for Cherry, the Tom Holland Movie With the Weird PosterCHERK PLEASE!
  2. movies
    Tom Holland to Star in Russo Brothers’ Rated-R Film Adaptation of CherryYour friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to go dark.
  3. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Books of 2018Reinvented auto-fiction from Heti and Cusk, gripping essays, wild tales of Russia and opioids, and final stories from the late master Denis Johnson.
  4. lit parade
    Nico Walker’s Cherry Got Near-Universal PraiseThis is the first installment of Lit Parade, a Vulture guide to what the book world is writing, talking, and getting exercised about.
  5. adaptations
    Rights Sale to Hot Book Stalls Because Author Ran Out of Phone Minutes in PrisonUnfortunate.