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  1. Fox Becomes the First Broadcast Network to Drop Live+Same Day Nielsen […]The tide has begun to turn away from the long outdated and inaccurate Live+Same Day Nielsen ratings. Deadline reports that Fox has officially […]
  2. CBS CEO Les Moonves Calls Overnight Ratings ‘Virtually Irrelevant Now’It looks like the head honchos of the major networks – or CBS, at least – are finally coming to terms with how outdated overnight Nielsen […]
  3. Amy Poehler Puts People Who Don’t Have a Nielsen Box in Their Place“Sometimes I have to go to fancy parties like this. And if there’s just anything you can take away from today’s event, it’s that being an actor […]
  4. Ratings vs. Reviews: Where Do Today’s Comedies Stack Up?While it’s true that Nielsen ratings are an inaccurate and outdated measure of today’s television audiences, they still serve as a show’s […]
  5. Mike Schur on Overnight TV Ratings“First of all, those overnight ratings are very silly, and we all need to stop reporting them and caring about them … Obviously, what matters […]
  6. NBC’s ‘Parks and Rec’ Schedule Shift Didn’t Really Help Its New ShowsAnother new sitcom bit the dust when NBC canceled Welcome to the Family late last Friday. On the plus side, the cancelation makes room for the […]
  7. Checking In On This Season’s Sitcom RatingsThis TV season has already seen its first sitcom cancellation with the termination of CBS’s We Are Men after only two episodes. But how are the […]
  8. ‘Wired’ Argues that ‘The Nielsen Family Is Dead’Wired has a piece out this week called “The Nielsen Family Is Dead,” exploring the ways in which TV has left the Nielsen ratings system behind, […]
  9. the end of television
    Josef Adalian Responds to Readers’ Ideas on How to Save NBCAnd all of network TV, for that matter.
  10. Nick Kroll Says Nielsen Viewers Don’t Exist“Don’t watch Kroll Show if you don’t have a Nielsen box. I honestly don’t care. Feel free to DVR it and not watch it because that will somehow […]
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    Will Twitter Now Help Save Your Favorite TV Show?Twitter and Nielsen have announced a new kind of social-media rating to measure active viewership. Yes, but how does that affect Community?
  12. Nielsen Ratings Getting Less Awful by Comparing TV and Online AdsIn the ongoing battle to get Nielsen ratings to even somewhat resemble the reality of who’s watching what television shows, a blow has been […]
  13. Community Will Find and Presumably Kill This ‘Nielsen Family,’ Whoever […][blackbirdpie id=”154750059198685185”] The picture below comes to you directly from the set of Community via Fat Neil himself (Charley Koontz). […]
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    Grimm Is TV’s Most ‘Engaging’ Show, According to NielsenThey mean “easy to remember,” but okay.
  15. Why Nielsen Ratings Are Inaccurate, and Why They’ll Stay That WayIt’s easy to understand why people are ambivalent, or even hostile, toward ratings. The thinking goes something like this: 1. People love the […]
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    Nielsen Ratings to Count Online Viewing: Far More Ads Likely to FollowThe era of easy, ad-free online viewing may be ending
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    Lack of Nielsen Ratings Bad News for Everyone Except Ben SilvermanAt least he’s had a three-day respite from getting any “Your network is in last place” e-mails.
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    Jimmy Fallon Hits Ratings Round-TripperLooks like we won’t be able to use the Impending Disasters tag with this show anymore.