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    Sway House’s Neighbors Are Suffering Through Pure DebaucheryNoise, sex in cars, defecating in the street, and more.
  2. Comedians Share Their Most Brutal, Humiliating, and Nightmare-Inducing […] No matter where they are in their career, one thing that all comedians have in common is the ability to take the worst moments in stride. […]
  3. What the Hell Is the Deal with Clowns?“All the world loves a clown,” Cole Porter once wrote. Turns out, not so much. Today, people’s perceptions of clowns are largely negative: […]
  4. Details on Jason Segel’s Young Adult Novel Series ‘Nightmares!’ RevealedJason Segel revealed earlier this month that he has a series of young adult novels on the way, and now, we’ve learned the books’ titles and […]
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    Justin Bieber Got Shot and Killed on CSI Last NightWatch!
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    Showtime Drafts Off of Dream ManiaThey’re showing ‘Dreamscape,’ a cheesy sci-fi flick about dream raiders. Sound familiar?
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    Twilight Screenwriter Dreams About Murder, Death and The End of Her Career“What I’m concerned about, what consumes me in the dream, is my life will end.”