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  1. You Had To Be There #98: Andrew W.K.This week, Sara and Nikki react live on-mic to their first taste of the Suit & Tie video (or at least to the best bits, until all that wacky […]
  2. Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer Visit Dave Hill’s New Web Series Here’s a new episode of HuffPost Comedy’s first-ever web series, Stallin’ with Dave Hill, with guests Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer from […]
  3. You Had To Be There #97: Yannis PappasThis week, Nikki and Sara marvel at how, two weeks in, they’ve already gotten used to the process of making their television show. Sara […]
  4. You Had To Be There #96: Jessimae PelusoThis week, Sara and Nikki share the terror and elation of hosting Tuesday’s premiere of Nikki and Sara LIVE while momentarily shutting out the […]
  5. Talking to Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer About Their New MTV Late Night […]MTV has provided plenty of laughs over the last 10 or so years, but rarely have they been intentional. Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer are about […]
  6. You Had To Be There #95: Michelle WolfThis week, Sara and Nikki reveal their hidden motives for hosting a TV show: proving their tween Twitter haters wrong and meeting famous men. […]
  7. You Had To Be There #94: Jackie KashianThis week, Nikki’s just come up from a celeb-spiked Starbucks run and Sara’s just come down from a hyperventilating Timberlake high minutes […]
  8. Jonah Ray, Gabe Liedman, Nikki Glaser, and More to Film Comedy Central […]Comedy Central has long been the best showcase of stand-up on TV, and every year, the network releases a series of half-hour specials from […]
  9. You Had To Be There #93: Bridey ElliottThis week, Sara and Nikki revisit their contributions to this year’s edition of 50 First Jokes and discuss whether all the flack Nikki got for […]
  10. Things to Consider When Submitting to Write For a Late Night ShowThis piece was originally published on SaraSchaefer.com. It’s republished here with permission. This past fall, I had the amazing privilege of […]
  11. You Had To Be There #92: Nick TurnerThis week, Sara and Nikki are back from their break with news of humorous iPads and difficult dads. This is comedian Nick Turner’s (Late Night […]
  12. Catch Your First Glimpse of MTV’s ‘Nikki & Sara Live’ Nikki Glaser and Sarah Schaefer’s new late night MTV comedy show Nikki & Sara Live, spun off from their popular podcast You Had to Be […]
  13. You Had To Be There #91: Emmy Blotnick & Gabe GronliThis week, the ladies start off by introducing the first company brave enough to sponsor You Had To Be There: Audible.com! Audible hosts a […]
  14. You Had To Be There #90: H. Alan ScottThis week the ladies may seem hostile up top, but that’s only because of their air travel woes and rebelling brains. Sara’s actually been […]
  15. You Had To Be There #89: Brian McCannThis week, Sara and Nikki implicate the friends, family, and bullies to blame for all their neuroses and therapy, but the brilliant Brian […]
  16. Check Out Nikki Glaser and Joe DeRosa’s New Web Series ‘We Should Break Up’ Here’s the first episode of Nikki Glaser (You Had to Be There) and Joe DeRosa’s (Opie & Anthony) new web series We Should Break Up, which […]
  17. You Had To Be There #88: Eric HutchinsonThis week, Sara and Nikki rehash their Thanksgivings and gush about their new staff at MTV, especially the inspired hiring of Brian McCann as […]
  18. Conan’s Brian McCann Named Head Writer on ‘The Nikki and Sara Show’Longtime Conan writer Brian McCann has just been hired as the head writer for the upcoming late night series The Nikki and Sara Show, comedian […]
  19. You Had To Be There #87: Molly TarlovThis week, Sara and Nikki explain how a single sexy scene from American Horror Story can undo a decade of Adam Levine apathy. Once they’ve […]
  20. You Had To Be There #86: Janeane GarofaloThis week, You Had To Be There’s back and broadcasting from an exotic new locale: the snazziest conference room in a certain shiny Manhattan […]
  21. You Had To Be There #85: Dan St. GermainThis week, Nikki considers the pros and cons of her new Manhattan digs and tells a grand story of comedic rebellion that explains why she […]
  22. You Had To Be There #84: Sam MorrilThis week, Sara gives a visceral account of her triumphant if unglamorous half-marathon and Nikki connects over the awkward joy of a good […]
  23. You Had To Be There #83: Rory ScovelThis week, Nikki and Sara toss around contest-caliber costume ideas for Halloween before losing their minds welcoming back to the show comedian […]
  24. Splitsider and Tumblr’s Dog and Pony Show: Michael Che, Sara Schaefer and […]Big news! We’re teaming up with our friends over at Tumblr to present a new monthly standup show in NYC at UCB East, and the very first one is […]
  25. You Had To Be There #82: Jeff DyeThis week, Nikki and Sara are back in Brooklyn and reflecting on their busy September travels. The ladies recently collaborated with their […]
  26. You Had To Be There #81: Nikki DeLoachThis week, Nikki and Sara borrow a studio deep within the Nerdist HQ to bring you more LA updates. Having recently regained consciousness, Sara […]
  27. 10 Comedians on Instagram You Really Should Be FollowingIs an Instagram worth a thousand words? You bet your smart phone camera it is! With so many ways to stay in touch and be constantly entertained […]
  28. You Had To Be There #80: Rider StrongThis week, Nikki and Sara report from sunny LA where they’ve been busy killing on Conan, writing for the Creative Arts Emmys, and tackling […]
  29. ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ Is Getting the Band Back TogetherIn November, the New York Comedy Festival is bringing together all the major players of The Ben Stiller Show: Janeane Garafolo, Bob Odenkirk, […]
  30. Nikki Glaser Told Stand-Up Jokes on ‘Conan’ I understand your complaint about Bank of America’s e-mails, but, hey, at least they’re e-mailing you. Bank of America actually is my bank and […]
  31. You Had To Be There #79: Joe DeRosaThis week, Sara justifies her pricy haircut and Nikki presents their guest, comedian Joe DeRosa (Comedy Central Presents, @joederosacomedy). […]
  32. You Had To Be There #78: Scott MoranThis week, Sara and Nikki waste no time on chitchat before introducing their storied Renaissance man of a guest: stand-up, visual artist, […]
  33. You Had To Be There #77: Andy HaynesThis week, Nikki explains the virtual babies in her life and Sara gushes about her new writing job with a familiar award show. The ladies […]
  34. You Had To Be There #76: Emily HellerThis week, the ladies describe the agony and the ecstasy of handling hecklers, inspired by a recent showdown Nikki won at the Cellar. Sara […]
  35. You Had To Be There #75: Anya MarinaThis week, Nikki and Sara mix things up in a few ways: one, instead of their normal catching up on life at the top of the show, they answer […]
  36. You Had To Be There #74: A.D. MilesThis week, Sara’s living room is packed with friends and fans as Sara and Nikki begin with their usual catching up. Nikki recalls a haunting […]
  37. You Had To Be There #73: Louis KatzOoooooh boy. This one’s a dirty one. As per one fan’s request, Sara and Nikki tackle the topic of cunnilingus. Then, hilarious, wonderful man […]
  38. You Had To Be There #72: Seth HerzogIn this name-droppy (in a good way) episode, Sara and Nikki discuss the Katy Perry 3D movie experience, and then hear a wonderful tale of […]
  39. You Had To Be There #71: Rachel FeinsteinWelcome to Season 2 of “You Had To Be There!” Why is it season 2? Because we said so. And we think it very appropriate that our first guest for […]
  40. You Had To Be There #70: Dave HillYes! Dave Hill, the awesome comedian and musician behind the “You Had To Be There” theme song, is finally a guest on the show, providing some […]
  41. Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer Turn Their Popular Podcast Into a New Show […]Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer have been killing it with their comedy podcast “You Had to Be There,” and MTV took notice. They’ve hired the two […]
  42. You Had To Be There #64: Megan GanzCommunity writer Megan Ganz joins Sara and Nikki for this delightful episode to discuss obsessive drawings, annoying birthdays, and how to […]
  43. You Had To Be There #60: Michael ShowalterThis week, Sara and Nikki welcome Michael Showalter (The State, Stella, and much much more) into the fold. Sara and Nikki first discuss their […]
  44. You Had To Be There #58: Jim GaffiganThe legend-in-the-making Jim Gaffigan stopped by Sara’s apartment (to sit in her “daddy chair”) and talk about pranks, A1 sauce, Dr. Pepper, […]
  45. You Had To Be There #57: Judah FriedlanderThis week, The World Champion Judah Friedlander makes himself comfy in Sara’s apartment, rifles through her bookshelf and gives Nikki some love […]
  46. You Had To Be There #48: Sean PattonOh boy, this one’s a doozy! Sara and Nikki have an indepth conversation with comedian Sean Patton (Conan, Fallon) about the risks of dating a […]
  47. Amy Schumer Shows Us How to Be Funny and Also a Lady Amy Schumer took some time out of her busy female schedule of getting her toenails painted in pastel plaid and calling her ex-boyfriends to […]
  48. Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser Respectfully Request That Justin Timberlake […] Comedians Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser gathered up some friends to make this simple plea to one Justin Timberlake: your acting is fine, but […]
  49. The Life of the Road Warrior with Nikki GlaserThe Road. It surfaces in every conversation about stand-up comedy. It’s concrete and tangible, but it’s also metaphorical and can take on an […]