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  1. Almost 20 Years Later, ‘Dick’ Still Holds Up There has never been a better time to watch Dick. Just kidding, it has ALWAYS been a great time to watch Dick, but at least there’s now […]
  2. Harry Shearer to Play Richard Nixon in an Upcoming Web SeriesHere’s a preview of Nixon’s The One, an upcoming web series starring Harry Shearer as the one and only Richard Nixon reenacting a real-life […]
  3. The Comedy Writer That Helped Elect Richard NixonDid you have any idea that the head writer of Laugh In was a hardcore conservative who regularly took calls from Nixon? I didn’t! The Comedy […]
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    ‘Nixon’ Does Unthinkable: Makes Tricky Dick SympatheticRevisit Oliver Stone’s 1995 drama about another president whose legacy hangs in tatters.