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Noah Emmerich

  1. chat room
    Noah Emmerich Won’t Miss Playing Stan on The Americans“Stan’s ready for a job change. Maybe he can open up a surf shop in Hawaii.”
  2. The Americans Cast on Making a Show About Russian Spies During … Well, You Know“We’re like, ‘WTF?!’ All the time.”
  3. in conversation
    The Americans’ FBI Agent on Directing TVAnd his first time behind the camera on The Americans.
  4. chat room
    Noah Emmerich on Season 2 of The Americans and Stan’s Original Backstory“Under any normal circumstance, Stan would be the hero of this show.”
  5. the best of tv
    Seitz: Noah Emmerich Is the Best Dramatic Performer of the YearIn what is meant to be a supporting role, the great character actor pulls off the neat trick of seeming like the protagonist.
  6. casting couch
    Noah Emmerich Joins Jane Got a GunHe’ll play Natalie Portman’s husband. (Husband?)
  7. super 8
    Super 8 Fills Out Its CastMore actors join Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning.