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  1. vulture lists
    10 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthBrian Cox, Daphne Palasi Andreades, Noah Hawley, and more.
  2. corporate greed
    Noah Hawley’s Alien TV Series Will Bring the Horror to EarthCorporate greed causing mass carnage on Earth? Impossible.
  3. fargo
    Noah Hawley Walks Us Through Some of Fargo’s Favorite ThemesOver four seasons, the anthology series has developed a self-referentiality that goes well beyond references to the original film.
  4. tv review
    Fargo Disappears Into Its Own NavelEvery season of Noah Hawley’s crime anthology series is a veritable monologuefest, but season four seems especially top-heavy.
  5. boldly going…
    Noah Hawley Is the Next Director to Lead the Crew in Star TrekParamount is going forward with his take on Star Trek 4 instead of S.J. Clarkson’s.
  6. movie review
    Natalie Portman Gives an Astronomically Intense Performance in Lucy in the SkyEven when we don’t know what the hell is going on in Noah Hawley’s astronaut epic, Portman is a blast.
  7. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About Legion’s Strangely Moving Series FinaleNoah Hawley’s feast of the senses didn’t always work, but it ends on a note of beautiful melancholy.
  8. trailer mix
    The Trailer for the Final Season of Legion Looks UnhingedMad as a hatter.
  9. Legion Creator Noah Hawley on David’s Shocking Betrayal in the Season-Two Finale“My hope is that you’re beginning to realize that David may not be the protagonist.”
  10. Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom Movie Is Written, But Don’t Expect to See It SoonThe possible Disney/Fox merger and a different Hawley movie are getting in the way.
  11. Legion Season Two Is Brazenly InventiveThe FX superhero drama is determined to surprise, confound, and dazzle at every moment.
  12. tca 2018
    FX Is Planning to Bring Back Fargo for a Fourth Season … in 2019Noah Hawley has found an idea for the next season.
  13. san diego comic-con 2017
    Noah Hawley Is Developing a Doctor Doom Movie at FoxThe world of the Fantastic Four is not totally dead!
  14. the tv industry
    Fargo Might Be Ending After This SeasonIt’s all up to Noah Hawley and his brain.
  15. prestige tv
    Television’s Best Shows Are Taking Their Cues From LiteratureHow shows like Master of None, The Handmaid’s Tale, Jane the Virgin, and Big Little Lies are mining books for onscreen gold.
  16. chat room
    Fargo Creator Noah Hawley Explains Why Ewan McGregor Is Playing Two Characters“Whatever empathy you have for the underdog you probably also carry some of it over to rooting for the older brother.”
  17. Ewan McGregor on Gaining Weight for Fargo After Getting Fit for Trainspotting 2“I made sure that I had carbs with everything and French fries with everything.”
  18. chat room
    Legion’s Noah Hawley Talks Dance Sequences and David’s Dad“The reason that David Haller exists as a character in those comics is because he’s Xavier’s son.”
  19. vulture lists
    The Pop-Culture References in Legion, From Wes Anderson to Stanley KubrickThe FX series is stuffed with allusions to films, TV shows, books, and pop-culture ephemera.
  20. chat room
    Legion’s Bill Irwin on Filming the Show’s Bizarre Tandem Fight Scene“I felt like, oh, we’re doing a play here for a second.”
  21. chat room
    Legion’s Rachel Keller Talks Experimental Theater and Noah Hawley“This feels like an avant-garde superhero TV show.”
  22. backstories
    That Crazy Kitchen Explosion in Legion? It Wasn’t CGI.It was all practical effects.
  23. tv review
    FX’s Legion Is a Decadently Inventive, Aesthetic DreamI found myself laughing out loud at the sheer audacity of the damned thing.
  24. Can Noah Hawley’s Legion Revolutionize Superhero TV?Can the Fargo auteur bring superheroes to prestige cable with Legion?
  25. 7 Things We Learned About Fargo Season 3 at TCAThe show will return sometime in April.
  26. mutants
    Everything We Know So Far About Legion, FX’s X-Men Spinoff SeriesAnd a lot we don’t.
  27. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: FX Debuts First Legion TrailerWatch the first trailer for Fargo creator Noah Hawley’s new X-Men-y FX series.
  28. the vulture tv podcast
    Noah Hawley on Ewan McGregor’s Dual Fargo Role“One brother gets to look like Ewan McGregor, and then the other one will look like fatter, balder Ewan McGregor probably.”
  29. pickups
    Noah Hawley’s X-Men Adaptation Legion Ordered to Series at FXNo word on how closely it’ll hew to the comics.
  30. Fargo S3 Set in 2010, Takes On ‘Selfie Culture’“I like the idea of setting up these pragmatic and humble people against the culture of narcissism.”
  31. legacies
    Fargo’s Second Season Will Be a Classic in Its Own RightThe best movie-to-TV conversion since M*A*S*H.
  32. Fargo’s Coming Back to the 21st CenturyYou betcha, ya.
  33. the industry
    Noah Hawley Is Taking Charge of Cat’s CradleSo it goes.
  34. notes on a scene
    Noah Hawley Annotates One of Fargo’s Tensest Scenes So FarListen for that chainsaw.
  35. party chats
    Fargo Got Into ‘Snow Wars’ With Iñárritu“We got all the snow today!”
  36. chat room
    Fargo’s Noah Hawley on S2, Polite People“It’s not a place where you would ever burden anyone by talking about your feelings, or embarrass them by asking about theirs.”
  37. Season 2 of Fargo Will Follow Young Lou Solverson in Sioux FallsWe’ll finally learn the answer to what happened to him in that 1979 incident.
  38. postmortem
    Fargo Showrunner Noah Hawley on the Finale and His Plans for Season 2You betcha.
  39. tv
    How Last Night’s Fargo Connected With the FilmNow we know what happened to the briefcase.