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Non Reunions

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    Jennifer Aniston Would Do a Friends Reunion When the Cast Is Super OldDon’t hold your breath.
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    Lance Bass Addressed Those ’N Sync Reunion RumorsHe vaguely implies that it’s not happening.
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    The Smiths Are ‘Never Ever’ Reuniting, EveryoneStop asking!
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    Axl Rose Says ‘No Thanks’ to Rock and Roll Hall of FameHe doesn’t want to be in it.
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    Damon Albarn Not Too Optimistic About the Future of Blur or GorillazBoth bands are pretty much done, he says.
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    Don’t Bet on a White Stripes Reunion“I would probably say absolutely not.”
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    Blur Recorded Something New, But You Probably Won’t Get to Hear ItBlame the children.