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  1. mmm bops
    All Rise for the Return of Norway’s Most Exciting Pop Star, SigridSigrid’s “Mirror” does the disco revival justice, and then some.
  2. movie review
    The Painter and the Thief Is a Sexy, Strange Not-Quite-Love StoryAn artist finds a muse in the man who stole her work in this arresting documentary, now on Hulu, VOD, and in theaters.
  3. norway
    A Beginner’s Guide to Skam, Your New Teen-Drama ObsessionThis hit Norwegian show is like Gossip Girl, but with kinder people and warmer coats.
  4. imports
    Norwegian Hit Skam Gets American AdaptationThe show has an engrossing real-time format.
  5. gotta catch ‘em all
    Netflix Picks Up Jonah Hill–Emma Stone ComedyManiac will have a ten-episode first season.
  6. butter
    Meet Edna, the Nordic Butter Blogger’s SisterThe first Norwegian butter blogger parody is officially a thing, a very good thing.
  7. norway
    Watch a Nordic ‘Singer, Celebrity, and Blogger’ Bemoan the Butter ShortageNorway needs butter, as well as English tutors.
  8. movies
    Martin Scorsese Officially Onboard for The SnowmanHe’ll direct the Norwegian crime thriller based on the popular book.