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Nph Ftw

  1. nph ftw
    Emmys Get the NPH BumpLast night’s Emmys were watched by 13.3 million people, 11 percent more than those who had tuned in to last year’s lowest-rated-ever ceremony.
  2. nph ftw
    Dr. Horrible Kills TelevisionCaptain Hammer: “Like the Ottoman Empire, the music industry, and Zima, [television is] here to stay.”
  3. nph ftw
    Neil Patrick Harris Saves the EmmysWas there any doubt that Neil Patrick Harris would be a great Emmys host? No. Even so, wasn’t he great last night?
  4. nph ftw
    Neil Patrick Harris to Host the Emmys!We so called this!
  5. nph ftw
    Neil Patrick Harris Heroically Closes TonysHugh Jackman has the Oscars on lock, but can somebody get this guy to host the Emmys?