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  1. no desks needed
    Soccer Mommy Plays NPR’s Tiny Desk … From HomeIntroducing Tiny Desk (home) concerts.
  2. podcasts
    13 Election Podcasts for Every Type of ListenerOur critic’s guide to the ever-expanding world of politics podcasts.
  3. the industry
    The 2016 Election Changed Podcasting. Will Podcasting Change the 2020 Election?The medium has exploded in the last four years. What are voters hearing?
  4. there will be podcasts
    10 Essential Pop-Culture PodcastsHigh art or not, these shows are having conversations worth your attention.
  5. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: NPR Digs Into a ’60s Civil-Rights CasePlus, revisiting the trial of Madam Cynthia Payne.
  6. podcasts
    April Podcast Preview: Cops, True Crime, and Michael LewisPlus a guide to surviving natural disasters.
  7. podcasts
    Are We in a Podcast Bubble?Podcasting is suddenly more than a mission; it’s an industry.
  8. podcasts
    How Podcasts Learned to SpeakThe once useless-seeming medium that became essential.
  9. best of 2018
    The 10 Best True-Crime Podcasts of 2018Believed, Thunder Bay, Bear Brook, and more.
  10. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Podcasts of 2018Political scandals, true crime, and Y2K.
  11. snl
    Natasha Rothwell Says Saturday Night Live Is ‘Hyperaware’ of Diversity Problem“The true evidence of diversity on that show will be longevity.”
  12. obits
    Carl Kasell, Longtime NPR Newscaster on ‘Morning Edition,’ Dead at 84Kasell was also beloved as the judge and official scorekeeper of “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! He retired in 2014.
  13. The 12 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2018Marvel’s first podcast, a new season of Invisibilia, a ton of true-crime investigations, and more.
  14. in conversation
    Terry Gross on the Art of the Q&A and the Guest That Most Surprised Her“If you’re willing,” says the Fresh Air host, “you can get an interview to a pretty real emotional place.”
  15. Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin Is in Development As a Talk Show at ABCThe project would be based on the actor’s WNYC radio series.
  16. podcasts
    NPR’s Fresh Air Team Picks Its 10 Favorite Terry Gross InterviewsFeaturing chats with Ray Charles, Stephen Colbert, and more.
  17. Jesse Williams on How He Plans to Approach 2017 and His BET SpeechThe actor and activist talks about turning a wider eye to his creative endeavors this year.
  18. ghost stories
    Forgotten H.G. Wells Ghost Story Printed at Last“The Haunted Ceiling” was never published.
  19. Garrison Keillor’s Final ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ Aired on SaturdayKeillor hosted the public radio staple for 42 years.
  20. Watch Ben Folds’s Tiny Desk ConcertBen Folds without the Five.
  21. listen up
    The One Podcast to Start With, Across 24 TopicsThere are simply too many podcasts. Here’s where to start.
  22. diddly-dee
    Fiona Apple Had a Blast Singing Old-Timey SongsFor the Watkins Family Hour’s Tiny Desk Concert.
  23. Patton Oswalt on His Dream of Becoming a Film Director: ‘Eventually I Will’“Eventually I will. But when I make the leap to become a director, I have got to convince a platoon of people to make the leap with me, so […]
  24. John Cleese Explains the Difference Between American and British Comedy […]“The Americans are more enthusiastic and more likely to engage in hyperbole. The British fans are liable to suddenly be talking to you about […]
  25. radio
    Why You Wasted a Perfectly Good Hour Listening to ‘Car Talk’We took comfort in their expertise.
  26. Standup, Storytelling and Radio Hosting with Ophira EisenbergOphira Eisenberg is a standup comic, the host of NPR’s live quiz show Ask Me Another, and a regular host and contributor to the popular live […]
  27. returning favorites
    Watch Portlandia Make NPR JokesThey’re tailgating for “Prairie Home Companion.
  28. Listen to a David Letterman Interview from 1981David Letterman’s 20th anniversary hosting CBS’s The Late Show is coming up this week. NPR’s Terry Gross has unearthed an old radio interview […]
  29. chat room
    Peter Sagal of ‘Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ on Competitiveness and Republicans“I would love it if John Boehner would come on our show.”
  30. Jesse Thorn’s ‘Bullseye’ Will Be Distributed Through NPR Starting in April MaximumFun.org chief Jesse Thorn’s radio show/podcast Bullseye (previously called The Sound of Young America) will be airing on NPR beginning […]
  31. the most npr thing in the world
    Fred Armisen Will Co-Host ‘This American Life’In character as Ira Glass.
  32. Part of Tig Notaro’s Famous Largo Set Will be Broadcast on ‘This American […]Early this month, Tig Notaro performed a legendary set at Largo in Los Angeles. As an account from the night put it: “For the first half of her […]
  33. alabama shakes
    Download a Free Alabama Shakes ConcertLove you forever, NPR.
  34. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Jared Gilman, Kenneth LonerganAn official excuse to stay indoors.
  35. How Wes Anderson’s Movies Get Their SoundtracksFresh Air has an interview with Randall Poster about finding the music for Wes Anderson’s films. Depending on your sensibilities that sounds […]
  36. sleepwalk with me
    Mike Birbiglia Terri GrossWe’d watch that movie. We’d definitely watch that movie.
  37. Lena Dunham Addresses Girls Racial Criticism Like A Good Liberal Arts GradWhen the Girls backlash was at its peak (all the way back in April), it was hard for Lena Dunham, the show’s creator/writer/director/star, to […]
  38. Jason Segel Talks Rom-Coms and Hating Science with NPRThis weekend, on NPR’s Morning Edition, human hug-machine Jason Segel sat down to talk about Five-Year Engagement with the perfectly NPR-voiced […]
  39. funny people
    Kristen Wiig Doesn’t Know If She’ll Return to SNL“Everyone has to leave.”
  40. Maya Rudolph Has the Finest Talc for Your Bottom Ooh, 40 minutes of Maya Rudolph on Fresh Air. Ooooh, the first time she read the bridal store scene in Bridesmaids. Oooooh, “comedy as a team […]
  41. maya rudolph
    Listen to Maya Rudolph Interviewed on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’Please be our friend, Maya? Please? (Terry Gross, you are not allowed!)
  42. casting couch
    Donald Sutherland Joins Fox’s NPR-set ComedyHe’ll play the lead character’s dad, and the station’s manager.
  43. Louis C.K. Has Already Made a Profit From His New Specialvideo platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Louis C.K.’s making the rounds this week to promote his new special, with a feature […]
  44. Daily Show Viewers Get Another Excuse to Look Down Their Noses at Cable […]It’s official: watching The Daily Show or listening to NPR will make you more well informed that most people. Watching Fox News or MSNBC will […]
  45. tina fey
    Listen: Tina Fey Hosts ‘Hidden World of Girls’No offense to Terry Gross, but we’d be super-cool with Tina Fey taking her job. 
  46. clickables
    Listen to Alec Baldwin’s PodcastJack Donaghy’s on the radio, y’all!
  47. clickables
    Listen to an Ira Glass Sex-Tape Parody“If you donate now, Carl Kassell will leave a dirty — and I mean really filthy — message on a loved one’s answering machine.”
  48. clickables
    Watch ‘Become a Noun,’ NPR’s Music Video Guide to ImmortalityJules Leotard: a real person.
  49. listening time
    No One Quotes Fight Club Back to Brad Pitt“Sometimes I’ll get ‘Tyler Durden, heh heh heh.’”
  50. Wyatt Cenac Has A Terrible Bill Cosby In His Back PocketWhile visiting NPR yesterday to discuss his new comedy album Comedy Person, Wyatt Cenac brushed off rumors that he was singled out as a […]
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