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  1. sex symbols
    Facebook Apologizes for Taking Down Your Burt Reynolds NudesThey were wrong to pull your pics of his 1972 Cosmopolitan centerfold, and they’re sorry.
  2. nudity
    Evangeline Lilly Says She Was ‘Cornered’ Into Partial Nude Scene on Lost“I was crying my eyes out.”
  3. chat room
    Westworld’s Simon Quarterman Thinks Every Actor Should Try Full-Frontal Nudity“I mean, we’ve all got [a body.] It’s very liberating.”
  4. nudity
    Jennifer Lawrence Says Nudity in Red Sparrow ‘Empowered’ Her After Photo Hack“I feel like something that was taken from me, I got back.”
  5. show us the booty
    We’re Very Upset Sterling K. Brown’s ‘Booty Shot’ Got Cut From MarshallWe almost got his “full moon.”
  6. cannes 2017
    Elisabeth Moss Always Gets Final Cut on Her Nude Scenes“Everything that involves nudity I have 100 percent approval, otherwise I don’t do it.”
  7. cannes 2017
    This Hilariously Explicit Vagina Shot Had Cannes Audiences ClappingFrancois Ozon’s L’Amant Double opens with an image you won’t soon forget.
  8. What Happens to Nudity Onscreen When You Remove the Male Gaze?“It’s like, Wait a second, I’m not the object?
  9. male nudity
    So, Do You See Christian Grey’s Penis in the New Fifty Shades Movie?You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answer.
  10. jokes
    Mike and Dave Subverts Female and Male NudityNaked bodies can be funny, regardless if the person has a hoo-ha or a ding-dong.
  11. male nudity
    Game of Thrones Has Never Been Afraid of PenisesThrones has been showcasing the true D since 2011.
  12. game of thrones
    Emilia Clarke: That GOT Nude Scene Was Real“This is all me, all proud, all strong.”
  13. gratuitous nudity
    Emily Blunt Vetoed Sicario Nude Scene“Benicio backed me up.”
  14. skin in the game
    The Knick Sets a New Time Record for TV NudityYour TV Nudity Clock, or When Do Cable Shows Get Naked?
  15. nudity
    Rita Wilson Knows What to Request in a Girls ContractClothing. Of any kind.
  16. making the sausage
    Polone: Three Actors Reveal the Awkward Truth of Shooting Sex Scenes“After we finished it was awkward and I was thinking, Was his dick touching my leg, and where is my robe?
  17. Sarah Silverman Channels Her Inner Lumpy Nude Cave Lady Somehow, some way, I doubt Sarah Silverman’s nude scene in Take This Waltz is going to be as Cro-Magnon as she describes. “So I actually […]
  18. jeopardy!
    Alex Trebek’s Would-Be Hotel Thief Put Under a Restraining OrderPlus, the distinguished game-show host sleeps in his birthday suit.
  19. prime time
    NBC Leaves Door Open for Nudity on The Playboy ClubThe possibility is contracted.
  20. clickables
    See Adam Levine Basically Naked (for a Cancer PSA)Raise your hand if you’re now aware.
  21. guides
    How Gratuitous Is Anne Hathaway’s Nudity in Love and Other Drugs?Actresses only get naked when there is a good artistic reason.
  22. nudity
    How Jessica Alba Broke Ground in CGI Side-BoobShe went nude in ‘Machete’ without ever having to take her clothes off.