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  1. coronavirus
    New York Comedy Clubs Demand to Reopen With the Same COVID Rules As Restaurants“It makes zero sense.”
  2. stand-up
    Laughing Into the VoidTurns out watching live comedy outdoors hits differently.
  3. the coronavirus
    Dun Dun: New York City Resumes Film and TV Production on July 20Bill de Blasio said that “we want people to get their livelihoods back.”
  4. ooh ahh
    Macy’s to Set Off Fireworks Across New York City, With No Warning, for a WeekThe displays will be “unannounced” to prevent gatherings.
  5. pun-based activism
    Billy Idol Does Anti-Idling Campaign Because You Can’t Spell Punk without PunRadical!
  6. NYC Stories: Bill Hader and Henry Winkler Have Ridiculous Memories of NYCBill Hader and Henry Winkler, stars of HBO hit Barry, have each experienced love and hate in New York City—but not in the ways you’d imagine.
  7. Mike Birbiglia Announces Off-Broadway Show ‘The New One’ Mike Birbiglia’s The New One standup tour is turning into a new Off-Broadway show. According to Vulture, Birbiglia’s latest one-man show […]
  8. NYC Stories: José Andrés Is the Perfect New YorkerJosé Andrés is a lot of things — celebrity chef, vocal immigrant advocate, Twitter beast — and we can now add “best New Yorker” to the mix.
  9. NYC Stories: Giovanni Ribisi Falls in With a Ferrari Gang from Long IslandSneaky Pete’s Giovanni Ribisi recounts a night out in NYC that turns into an action movie — complete with Long Island dudes, Ferraris, and a death.
  10. NYC Stories: Laura Gómez’s NYC Blackout Experience Was Actually HeartwarmingThe Orange Is the New Black actress holds fond memories of the night it happened.
  11. Conan O’Brien Gets a Crash Course in Serving Soul Food at Sylvia’s […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Conan, where O’Brien heads to Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem to learn the ins-and-outs of soul food and try his […]
  12. ‘I Can’t Follow Greer Barnes’ Comedian Greer Barnes is not a household name, but the folks in the industry who often praise him are people you’ve definitely heard […]
  13. Conan O’Brien Kicks Off His Week of NYC Shows by Making Some Friends in […]Conan O’Brien’s week of shows in New York City kicked off on TBS last night, and before he did his first show at the Apollo, O’Brien decided to […]
  14. 2016 Brooklyn Comedy Festival to Feature Reggie Watts, Vanessa Bayer, […]The Brooklyn Comedy Festival has just announced its lineup for 2016, with the fest slated to run from August 22-28th at various venues across […]
  15. Inside This Weekend’s Huge ‘Women in Comedy’ Photo Shoot “All right, everyone. Lean in!” This past Saturday, in Brooklyn, over 200 women gathered together at Littlefield for a photo opportunity […]
  16. The Dark Side of Storytelling Over the past few years, storytelling has become one of the fastest growing forms of comedy in the country in no small part because of the […]
  17. Mike Birbiglia’s ‘Thank God For Jokes’ Is a Deceptively Loose Meditation […] Mike Birbiglia’s latest one-man show Thank God For Jokes, which yesterday began a six-week run the Lynn Redgrave Theater, is about faith. The […]
  18. Max Silvestri Settles into LA and His Lifelong Calling of Mocking Chefs Max Silvestri hosted one of Brooklyn’s most popular comedy shows, Big Terrific, for nearly seven years alongside fellow comedians Gabe […]
  19. Do You Have to Move to New York or LA to Make It in Comedy? As a former comedy agent at UTA and WME, Priyanka represented numerous big-name writers and performers before leaving to start a TV […]
  20. The Irrepressible Positivity of Katina Corrao When listening to Katina Corrao’s recent debut album, Hot Date, adjectives like bubbly and cheerful come to mind, despite the fact that her […]
  21. Highlights From the ‘Oh Hello’ Press Conference George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon, two aging writer/performers, best known for their work on Comedy Central’s […]
  22. Inside New York’s Musical Comedy Boom Musical comedy has been a popular comedic force for ages. The iconic “Weird Al” Yankovic debuted his self-titled album in 1983. And The […]
  23. the man in the high castle
    High Castle Nazi Ads Pulled From NYC SubwayThis week on Well, That Was a Bad Idea 
  24. Hanging Out at the Intersection of Comedy and Art with Lorelei RamirezNew York City has so much comedy that it’s nearly impossible to stand out, especially if all you’re doing is standup. However, some comedians […]
  25. Gad Elmaleh Takes AmericaUnless you’re a French speaker, odds are very low that you have heard Gad Elmaleh’s standup. However, he is very well known among at least five […]
  26. ‘Live on Broadgay’ and the Scourge of ‘Adjective’ Comedy“In life and in representations of life,” writes theatre director Anne Bogart, “so much has been done before and said before that they have […]
  27. Confronting Tragedy with Comedy with Naomi EkperiginSavvy, smart, funny and politically active – it’s this great combination that’s making comedian Naomi Ekperigin an in-demand writer and […]
  28. Inside Cartoon Monsoon: An Animated Variety ShowPast the friendly forest, through the swamp of snacks and sweets Stands a paper-mache clubhouse, by the beach of poison treats. Follow the […]
  29. Remembering Alan Shain, One of NYC’s Preeminent Open Mic CharactersThe world’s largest standup comedy scene is in New York, and beyond the comedy clubs that dot the city are countless independent bar shows and […]
  30. The King of the Times Square Comedy Show Ticket HawkersAmongst the Times Square denizens – everyone from the Spidermans to the Weed Guys to the tour bus ticket hawkers – Paul Rosa is one of the […]
  31. The 17th Annual Del Close Marathon’s Schedule Is OutThe Del Close Marathon is the annual weekend of improv comedy, beer, and sweatiness that the UCB Theatre throws every year. This year marks the […]
  32. only in new york?
    The Walking Dead’s Chad Coleman Screamed at Some NYC Subway Riders He might have had his reasons, though.
  33. Diving Into Late Night Head-First with Saurin ChoksiAs a kid growing up in Texas, Saurin Choksi always loved comedy. After graduating college and moving to Detroit to take a job working for Ford, […]
  34. The Next Wave 2015: The Top Up-and-Coming Comics in New YorkWelcome to the second semi-annual edition of The Next Wave, Splitsider’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country. […]
  35. it's a marvel of a town
    Marvel Unveils NYC Covers While DC Moves to L.A.Ms. Marvel on the High Line!
  36. Max Silvestri, Jenny Slate, and Gabe Liedman’s NYC Standup Show Big […]One of New York’s best standup shows is ending its seven-year run later this month. The New York Times reports that Max Silvestri, Jenny Slate, […]
  37. Coming Up Twice with Joe ListJoe List is the comedy underdog everyone seems to root for. A longtime fixture in the New York comedy scene, List had the reputation as the […]
  38. Plan Your ‘Broad City’ NYC Tour with This Handy MapIf you’re sad that Broad City’s second season is already over on Comedy Central, Thrillest has made it extremely easy for you to relive it all […]
  39. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Happy Town’ Happy Town could’ve been dead on arrival. Had creator/director/DP/editor/producer/Vitruvian film dude Jon Mayer not turned his passion papers […]
  40. Bits on the Fun Bits: Inside an All-Female, Sex-Positive Comedy ShowSex sells. It’s an old advertising mantra frequently used to criticize lascivious billboards or to dismissively explain the success of […]
  41. ‘Fish in the Dark’ is ‘Seinfeld’ on Stage and Vintage Larry DavidThere’s a moment in Fish in the Dark where Larry responds to a question about how grabbing a breast was and he answers with, “Pretty good. […]
  42. sitcoms
    Can Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ever Accurately Portray the NYPD?What should a sitcom about police officers in New York City be, when the world outside of that sitcom is one of fear and violence?
  43. From Screen to Stage: The Rise of the Parody MusicalAt a small midtown studio, the producers and cast of UNAUTHORIZED! met to rehearse That 80’s Time Travel Movie, a musical based on the 1985 […]
  44. Dan Soder and the Importance of OriginalityDan Soder’s comedy career began in small town Tucson, Arizona in 2004. “I did a joke about homeless people in Tucson, like the stock joke for […]
  45. The Premiere Before the World Premiere: Red Hot Video Fun TimeIn a small Mexican restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Drew Luster waits on his tacos. Things have settled at the Bat Haus, a small event space […]
  46. This Week In Web Videos: ‘10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew’ Scott Rogowsky is no stranger to the e-pages of our fine site. Just look here and here if you don’t believe me. And today, this column […]
  47. busking
    Erykah Badu Made Less Than $4 Busking in NYCNew Yorkers are the worst.
  48. Robert Dean, Jena Friedman, Lucas Connolly, and Rus Gutin Are Swinging by […]This coming Monday night we’re throwin’ a party at the UCB East in NYC. Yes, it’s Splitsider’s Dog and Pony Show, hosted by Halle Keifer and […]
  49. Come Out to Our Dog and Pony Show on Monday NightThis coming Monday night, it’s time again for our monthly Dog and Pony Show. You know the one! It’s hosted by Halle Kiefer and Joe Stanton and […]
  50. Yee-haw! Come On Down to Splitsider’s Dog & Pony Show This Coming Monday, […]What better way to distract yourself from the seemingly unending horrors of the modern day world than with an hour of pure hilarity […]
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