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  1. obituary
    On John SimonConsidering the longtime New York critic, who died yesterday at 94.
  2. appreciations
    Frank Rich: Hal Prince Directed the Greatest Musical Production I Ever SawAnd, Frank Rich recalls, there was a lot more greatness where that came from.
  3. obit
    Al Feldstein and the Furshlugginer Greatness of Mad MagazineAn assessment of Mad’s place in the culture, as the magazine goes off to its final Fold-in.
  4. deaths
    Comics Legend Stan Lee Dead at 95His daughter has confirmed the news.
  5. obituary
    Tom Wolfe on Marie Cosindas, an Artist Who Created Something Completely NewA photographer who worked as no one else did.
  6. r.i.p.
    Beloved Actor Om Puri Dead at 66Puri acted across Bollywood, British, and Hollywood films.
  7. obit
    Edward Albee Saw Life As a Cosmic JokeThe playwright literally couldn’t imagine being closeted, in any way.
  8. rest in peace
    Ron Lester, Star of Varsity Blues, Dead at 45He also starred in Not Another Teen Movie and Good Burger.
  9. r.i.p.
    Billy Paul, Soul Singer Known for ‘Me and Mrs. Jones,’ Dead at 81His manager told the media that he was hospitalized last week at Temple University Hospital.
  10. obit
    Remembering Phife Dawg, Who Mattered to EveryoneIt’s something about the death of a lyricist that hurts a different way.
  11. take it easy
    Why Glenn Frey Was the True Leader of the EaglesBob Seger says so of the recently departed Eagle, and you know, we’ve gotta agree.
  12. remembering bowie
    Grieving David Bowie, a True Rock Star in Life and in DeathOur music critic mourns the loss of David Bowie, a rock star so committed to his post that he soundtracked his own death.
  13. Remembering Elizabeth Swados, the Original Theater BadassHer stubborn, wild, ephemeral spirit touched so many of us.
  14. obit
    Jerry Saltz on Ellsworth Kelly 1923–2015; ‘The American Matisse’“Now, his work stuns me from its own Platonic eternity.”
  15. ode to a fallen front man
    Scott Weiland’s Quest for Front-man ReinventionRemembering the wholly unique Stone Temple Pilots singer.
  16. one of the greats
    Remembering Allen Toussaint, the Musical Force Who Embodied New OrleansToussaint shaped the sound of R&B, rock, and country, but to New Orleans, he remained a down-to-earth ambassador.
  17. obit
    Rapper Sean Price Dies at 43Price was a member of the heralded hip-hop duo Heltah Skeltah.
  18. obit
    Iconic British Singer and TV Star Cilla Black Dies at 72She played with the Beatles and was the highest-paid woman on TV.
  19. obit
    Godfather Actor Alex Rocco Dead at 79Rocco is best known for portraying Moe Greene in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film.
  20. obit
    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, 55, Passes AwayHe had been at the company since 1983.
  21. obit
    That Face, Those Eyes: Omar Sharif’s Journey to International SuperstardomThe legendary actor had an ineffable presence, more so than any other actor of his generation.
  22. obit
    Cheers Actor Roger Rees Dead at 71The actor was best known for his roles on Cheers, The West Wing, and in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
  23. obit
    Farewell to the Last Honorable Man in WesterosSadness may pierce us like shards of dragonglass.
  24. Ornette Coleman’s Uncompromising GeniusA tribute to the brilliant jazz musician, dead today at 85. 
  25. obit
    The Cynthia Lennon I KnewA story with a twist.
  26. Direction and Misdirection: An Appreciation of Mike Nichols, 1931–2014“Two countries, three names, four wives, innumerable lives.”
  27. obit
    Frank Rich Remembers Mike NicholsLooking back on a career like few others.
  28. obit
    The Lady in Room 309: Elaine Stritch, 1925–2014Vulnerability that comes from growing up in the sticks.
  29. The Loveliness of the Long-Distance Artist: On Kawara, 1933–2014In memoriam.
  30. obits
    All Hail: Sid Caesar, 1922–2014Even in fragments, his greatness comes through.
  31. obit
    Jerry Saltz on Richard Artschwager, 1923-2013“An artist … preternaturally acute and copacetic, as oddly visionary and just odd.”
  32. obit
    Jerry Saltz on the End of Artnet.com’s Magazine“In 1998, Artnet was the site that convinced me that if my writing didn’t exist online, it didn’t exist at all.”
  33. obit
    Jerry Saltz: Why I Liked (and Even Respected) LeRoy NeimanThe art world ignored him. But he did what artists do: made something all his own.
  34. obit
    The Last Days of Disco: Abebe Remembers Donna Summer and Robin GibbDigging through the discographies of these two artists feels like a good corrective to the way disco’s been memorialized.
  35. vulture remembers
    The Music and Legacy of Donna SummerA spin through the Queen of Disco’s oh-so-danceable discography.
  36. obit
    Artist Lucian Freud Dead at 88He died last night.
  37. art
    Jerry Saltz on John McCracken, 1934–2011The minimalist sculptor was “a great space cowboy.”
  38. obit
    Nate Dogg Dies at 41Cause of death was unspecified.
  39. radio vulture
    Remembering Trish Keenan, the Extraordinary Singer for BroadcastSome of us will miss her a great deal, and be glad for what music we have.
  40. obit
    The Dazzler: Sigmar Polke, 1941–2010A daring visionary lord of the alchemical phantasmagoria of painting died this morning at 69.
  41. obit
    Remembering Louis Auchincloss, Conscience of the EliteThe author’s lament was less for a vanished class than for a bygone sense of shame.
  42. obit
    Remembering Thomas Hoving, Visionary (and Wonderfully Vulgar) Met DirectorHoving was a madman, and of a specific type: the utterly fearless, patrician vulgarian.
  43. obit
    John Hughes Dead at 59TMZ is reporting that John Hughes died of a heart attack this morning in New York.
  44. obit
    Merce Cunningham Dead at 90He died in his home last night of natural causes.
  45. obit
    E. Lynn Harris Dead at 54The author whose protagonists were most often gay black men indulging their sexuality in secret died last night, according to his publicist.
  46. obit
    Frank McCourt Dead at 78Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer-winning author of Angela’s Ashes, died this afternoon in a New York hospice facility.
  47. obit
    Artist Dash Snow Dead From Drug OverdoseMultiple sources tell Gawker that hard-living, cop-dodging artist, photographer, and graffiti writer Dash Snow has died from a heroin overdose at 27.
  48. obit
    Bea Arthur Dies at 86Arthur passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer.
  49. obit
    Anderson: John Updike, EssayistHe was one of the greatest belletrists of all time — a master of the short, casual, elegant, whimsical, roving piece about absolutely anything.
  50. obit
    John Updike Dead at 76According to a statement from his publisher, John Updike died of lung cancer this morning.
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