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  1. obituary
    Phyllis Kind, Powerhouse Gallerist, 1933–2018Phyllis Kind, art-dealer extraordinaire, changed my life. Twice.
  2. rip
    Anthony Bourdain Has DiedThe reported cause was suicide.
  3. Tom Wolfe, Pioneer of New York and New Journalism, Dies at 88In a city of people who wear black, the man in the white suit.
  4. obituary
    Tom Wolfe on Marie Cosindas, an Artist Who Created Something Completely NewA photographer who worked as no one else did.
  5. debbie reynolds
    Hollywood Icon Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84The entertainment legend died after suffering a stroke.
  6. obituary
    Legendary Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dead at 60She had suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles Friday.
  7. obituary
    Legendary Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen Dead at 82“We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries.”
  8. obituary
    Remembering Director Curtis Hanson, Dead at 71The 8 Mile and L.A. Confidential director died on September 20, at 71. 
  9. obits
    British Comedy Actress and Writer Caroline Aherne Dead at 52She was best known for her starring turns in Mrs Merton and The Royle Family.
  10. obits
    Actress Patty Duke Dead at 69A representative confirmed her death.
  11. legacies
    Garry Shandling Was One of American Television’s Greatest ArtistsHe made the kind of comedy you could barely stand to look at, and couldn’t look away from.
  12. On Pierre Boulez (1925–2016)The great, difficult French conductor-composer has died at 90.
  13. obituary
    Jerry Saltz on Franz West, 1947–2012“An elephantine influence.”
  14. On Adrienne Rich, 1929–2012“I have nothing but myself / to go by.”
  15. hilton kramer
    Deborah Solomon on the Cuddly Side of Hilton Kramer (1928-2012)Beyond the truculent public face, a charming mentor.
  16. art
    Jerry Saltz: On Helen Frankenthaler, 1928–2011“There was picture-making, pure and simple. And beauty. Lots of it.” –