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Occupy Wall Street

  1. art
    On Occupy’s Anniversary, a Rose Blooms in Zuccotti ParkArtist Isa Genzken’s 26-foot-tall flower is planted where the bongos once tried to put a stop to neoliberalism.
  2. book review
    Review: Eugene Lim’s Dear Cyborgs Engages the Post-Occupy MomentIt’s a novel of ideas, small, elegant ideas about art and protest, and one of the most striking literary works to emerge from the Occupy movement.
  3. The Complete Guide to Everything: Home Alone 2This week we’re talking Home Alone 2, and nothing but Home Alone 2. Except of course for the first like 20 minutes or so where Tim recounts a […]
  4. richard dreyfuss
    Watch Richard Dreyfuss’s Bizarre Post-Oscars InterviewUh-oh, Richard Dreyfuss might be turning into Nick Nolte.
  5. memes
    Learn the Top Ten Memes of the YearThe “internetty things” that shaped your lunch breaks in 2011.
  6. tributes
    Here Is Miley Cyrus’s Occupy Wall Street Tribute Video“This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.”
  7. anne hathway
    See Anne Hathaway Occupy Wall StreetAnne Hathaway is the 99 percent.
  8. bill o'reilly
    Watch Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller Make Fun of Gays, Mexicans, and PenguinsUsually, laughter is contagious. Unless it’s Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller laughing endlessly about gays, immigrants, and disenfranchised protesters.
  9. Will the Parks & Rec Writers Occupy Pawnee?According to Amy Poehler, the writers of Parks and Recreation have talked about doing a story about the Occupy movement in Pawnee. Sounds like […]
  10. Here’s Why Dark Knight Rises Didn’t Occupy Wall Street“We didn’t want to trivialize it.”
  11. Amy Poehler Ponders ‘Occupy Pawnee’“Maybe Pawnee will be up in arms.”
  12. tay zonday
    Watch the Chocolate Rain Guy Sing About the EconomyOccupy Wall Street finds its voice in the Chocolate Rain dude.
  13. Jay-Z’s Rocawear Line Pulls ‘Occupy All Streets’ T-ShirtsAfter criticized for OWS profiteering.
  14. Jay-Z’s Occupy Wall Street Shirts Aren’t Helping OWSNot with money or resources, at least.
  15. occupy wall street
    See the Wonder Showzen Team Tackle the MintWay before Occupy Wall Street, the guys behind Wonder Showzen got their hands on footage from the Mint, and they put their signature spin on it.
  16. John Hodgman Defends The 1% Via The ‘Rich Man’s Human Microphone’ John Hodgman went on The Daily Show last night to speak out against the “last acceptable prejudice in this country”: the hatred of the […]
  17. Jon Stewart Keeps It Casual On Rock Center Jon Stewart was busy this Halloween. After taping that interview with Mindy Kaling, he brought some warm beer over to Rock Center to […]
  18. clickables
    Listen to ‘Tap Dat A$$et,’ an Occupy Wall Street RapOWS gets CRUNK.
  19. making the sausage
    Polone: Why Taxpayers Get Screwed When Every State and Canada Fights to Lure Movie ShootsThe money spent by places other than California to lure movie shoots just never pays off.
  20. clickables
    Watch a Preview of True Life: I’m Occupying Wall StreetFirst amendment, MTV-style.
  21. CollegeHumor and Funny or Die Just Released Pretty Much Identical VideosHere’s a weird thing: CollegeHumor and Funny or Die released almost exactly the same video on the same day. Responses to Occupy Wall Street, […]
  22. clickables
    Watch Rufus Wainwright and Sean Lennon Sing ‘Material Girl’ at Occupy Wall StreetYou get it, right?
  23. The Daily Show’s Jon Oliver Calls Out The Other 98% You know it’s solid political satire when you feel personally indicted by Jon Oliver’s visit to Occupy Wall Street. And I don’t even have a […]
  24. tv
    The Real World Looking to Cast an Occupy Wall Street ProtesterJust doing their best to stay topical.
  25. chat room
    Tom Morello on His New Comic Series, Occupy Wall Street, and Superman Renouncing His Citizenship“People were like, ‘Superman is as American as apple pie and baseball.’ But it doesn’t mean that the people who bake apple pie and play baseball can’t have a conscience as well.”
  26. clickables
    Watch Tom Morello Play ‘This Land Is Your Land’ for Occupy Wall StreetMore from Zuccotti Park.
  27. Victoria Jackson Solves Occupy Wall Street First of all, don’t even watch this video of SNL alum Victoria Jackson visiting Occupy Wall Street. It’s 15 fucking minutes long, and you have […]
  28. clickables
    Watch Kanye Say Absolutely Nothing at Occupy Wall StreetRussell Simmons, however, has plenty to say on his behalf.
  29. Comedians Occupy Wall Street Too Here’s comedian Lee Camp performing stand-up at Occupy Wall Street - or maybe it’s more like half stand-up, half rallying cry. As the protest […]
  30. clickables
    Watch Talib Kweli’s Performance at Occupy Wall StreetHe made an appearance last night.
  31. clickables
    See Penn Badgley at the Occupy Wall Street March“X-O, we won’t go”?
  32. clickables
    Watch Jeff Mangum’s Solo Performance for Occupy Wall Street“You guys have done a beautiful fucking thing.”
  33. radiohead
    Radiohead to Play Not Playing for Occupy Wall Street This Afternoon [Updated]“We wish the best of luck to the protesters there, but contrary to earlier rumours, we will not be appearing today at Occupy Wall Street.”