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  1. how mysterious
    Tana French Is Our Best Living Mystery WriterWith her Dublin Murder Squad series, she has built a world that’s more George R.R. Martin than Agatha Christie — minus the beheadings.
  2. odes
    Robert Pattinson’s King Performance Is Hilariously UnhingedAn ode to a most profane bit of fun.
  3. odes
    In Praise of Transparent’s Shelly Pfefferman, the Underappreciated Jewish MotherWho could she be if given half a shot?
  4. odes
    Long Live Gerard Butler, and the Gerard Butler MovieHe is an action star for the age of the declining action star, and he’s almost single-handedly keeping a very specific type of film alive.
  5. odes
    Bad Bunny Is Wild in the Streets, Tender in the TweetsThe trap star’s Twitter feed is a meadow of nostalgia and intimacy.
  6. odes
    I Can’t Believe I Have a Crush on Vampire Weekend AgainThe Vampire Weekend–aissance is upon us all!
  7. odes
    An Ode to Solange’s Best New Song ‘Almeda’“Almeda” plays with a special alchemy of everything that feels banal, but special. Brown skin, black braids, brown liquor — sip, sip, sip.
  8. An Ode to Brooklyn Nine-NineThe outpouring of grief at its cancellation has been evidence there is an intense need for shows like this.
  9. odes
    Ryan Coogler Writes Tribute to Ava DuVernay on A Wrinkle In Time Premiere Day“Ava is the past, present and future. She is all of these things, but sometimes I forget she is human.”
  10. odes
    How Austin Rogers Upset the Natural Order on Jeopardy!He is precisely the sort of person who is not supposed to win.
  11. odes
    Father John Misty Pens an Homage to the Chuck E. Cheese Band Upon Its Retirement“The shock and sadness I feel over losing this artist compelled me to humbly offer a few words in rememberence … ”
  12. Red Is the MVP of Orange Is the New Black’s Fifth SeasonFor much of the season, Red is hilariously gonzo.
  13. The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s Greatest LegacyAccepting less money to tackle a tough job and smiling all the while: That’s what Mary does. That’s what a lot of women still do.
  14. odes
    A Tribute to Paul, the Ann Veal of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life#justiceforpaul
  15. the strategist
    I Listen to Children’s Audiobooks During My CommutePodcasts and carefully curated playlists can help smooth a commute, but there’s a better medicine out there: audiobooks for kids.
  16. odes
    In Praise of Barb, the Best Character on Stranger ThingsShe is obviously the first person to put the words “norm” and “core” together.