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  1. stage dive
    An Off Broadway Mega-RoundupAn Off Broadway mega-roundup.
  2. chat room
    Justin Bartha on His Play With Jesse Eisenberg, Their Friendship, and the ‘Spectacle’ of Filmmaking“It’s very hard to find a great character and do what I love in a movie sometimes.”
  3. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on His New Play Asuncion, Avoiding All Culture, and Screenwriters Who Brainstorm With Post-its“To me, it seems like kind of an ostentatious way to show other people that you’re working if your movies are not being made.”
  4. stage dive
    Is Off Broadway Turning Into Post-Broadway?Is this the future of Off Broadway? Fun-size versions of Great White megahits?
  5. broadwaypocalypse
    Altar Boyz Throwing in the TowelThe Off Broadway musical survived almost five years.
  6. off broadway
    Why Won’t the Cast of West Side Story Come to Work?Michael Riedel says that poor 91-year-old director Arthur Laurents was forced last week to yell at his actors about skipping performances.
  7. chat room
    Jane Alexander on Snoring Through Chasing Manet and Simulating Sex in Tell Me You Love Me“But let’s make everything clear. Our union, SAG, does not allow us to have real sex.”