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Oh Canada

  1. oh canada
    Justin Trudeau Politely Stops Press Conference to Get CoatModeling “healthy behavior,” indeed.
  2. oh canada
    We Can Assure You Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Album Isn’t an April Fools’ Day JokeRejoice, for Dedicated is almost here!
  3. oh canada!
    Feist Will Release Her First Album in Six Years Next MonthThe Pleasure will be ours, surely.
  4. oh canada!
    Ryan Gosling Knows Justin Trudeau Is Also Your BoyfriendCanadians make the best boyfriends.
  5. oh-canada
    Canadian Town Apologizes for Nickelback JokeThe band was reportedly unenthused by the whole situation.
  6. oh canada!
    Tenors Apologize for Singing ‘All Lives Matter’The group lays the fault on a “lone wolf” who they have since suspended.
  7. oh canada!
    Netflix Developing Margaret Atwood Mini-seriesAn exceedingly Canadian true-crime story.
  8. moving to canada is for pussies
    Donald Sutherland Has Your New Go-to Canada JokeDo you really want to have to talk that much about your national identity?
  9. oh canada!
    Ex-Canadian Ambassador Thinks Argo Doesn’t Give Canadians Enough CreditPoor Canada.
  10. six seasons and a movie
    [UPDATE] Community Won’t Air Early In Canada After AllThat thing about it starting in November? Not actually the case.
  11. oh canada!
    Dozens of People Watched The L.A. Complex on the CW Last NightThe CW’s new show is the lowest-rated network drama  premiere ever.